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.website is an alternative to your existing Internet address

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Domain names can make a huge difference to modern businesses. A lot of sales occur via the internet, meaning that it is vital that customers can find your website quickly and easily. Now, a whole new range of top level domain names has been issued allowing businesses to reserve .website and other addresses, so that your web presence can be absolutely tailored to your needs.
Create the web presence you need with .website from 1&1
With 1&1, reservation of a .website address is easy, and you can reserve a .website location which matches the needs of your organisation at no cost. Don't let the competition beat you to that perfect domain name since registering with 1&1 is quick, simple and hassle free. Whether it's a clothing sales company or a news portal, a .website address could be the ideal way of signalling your unique identity in a busy market place. Tell customers exactly who you are via a finely tuned top level domain na
FAQs - Frequently asked questions:

.website domain

  • Why should I register a .website domain?

    The value of registering a .website domain with 1&1 is potentially huge. If other names are taken, then .website can be a handy alternative but, it also allows firms to express their identity clearly with an easy to find web presence. Register .website and ensure that all of your other sites or business operations are clearly separated for maximum efficiency. Make sure that you have a top level domain name that can be used for a huge range of purposes. Add some charisma too, beyond a .com identity of the past.
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