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Easily integrate web apps directly into your website for greater web control

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What exactly is a web app?

A web app, short for web application, has a variety of functions that allow you to enjoy greater web control as you build and maintain your website. Accessed through a normal web browser, web apps are easily integrated into your website and are most commonly encoded with a combination of JavaScript and HTML programming languages. They are used as marketing tools and sources of entertainment on websites, whilst also providing excellent communication facilities between website visitors and the website owner. You will have already encountered web apps on a daily basis; bringing powerful web control through utilities such as an eShop's shopping cart, contact forms, guestbooks and other interactive software. What's more, integrating a web app enhances the aesthetic appeal of your website, whilst simultaneously providing increased web control. Finally, 1&1 offers a huge range of web apps for every type of website, regardless of your site's purpose. Get the very best web control through 1&1 Web Apps today.
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How to integrate a web app on a 1&1 hosted website

For superior web control, the drag-and-drop features found within the 1&1 MyWebsite utility allow for the simple integration of 1&1 Web Apps into your project. Just log-in to your 1&1 MyWebsite account to access the control panel, and you will be guided through the required steps. Here, you will find a tab that allows the addition of web apps to enhance web control and provide a more immersive experience for your users. Thanks to its intuitive design, the 1&1 MyWebsite tool allows for simple drag-and-drop operation – meaning advanced programming and design skills are not required. Once you have selected and installed your desired web apps, the increase in web control enjoyed by both your customers and yourself is instant – giving you the power and functionality required to design a truly engaging website. Try 1&1's range of powerful web apps today and build your perfect website.

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Why use web apps?

Expectations for websites are always changing; therefore it is important to keep your website up to the standards to which the online community expects. For example, it is no longer common to find pure text websites without integrated multimedia, and these features require increased web control on the part of the administrator. The online community has become very visually oriented and website browsers expect websites with powerful web apps that enhance a site's functionality. Consequently, web apps are essential to successful websites – regardless of whether you require greater web control over your business, personal or eCommerce endeavour. Not only do web apps make your website more appealing, but they also enhance its functionality. For an eCommerce website, you can integrate an Ecwid shopping cart app to transform your website into an online shop. You can also add communicative web apps to your website, such as an online guestbook, chat forums, CalenderWiz, Skype and social media links - the possibilities are endless with 1&1 Web Apps!

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