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The new domain .video is perfect for anything video-related online

The domain for video

£9.99first year1excl. 20% VAT
  • Register a specific location
    for your online videos
  • Create a memorable
    domain name
  • Attract new website visitors
    with a clear and consise .video domain
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Ideal for your video content or services

Does your online presence involve video? Show it with a .video domain!

Get more screen time!

By making the subject of your website clear with a .video domain ending, you can attract visitors more effectively than ever. Web users find it easier to remember a relevant and descriptive address, so make sure your domain name stays with them! A distinctive .video domain can also help you stand out to potential clients searching online.

The place for video

Whatever you do, if it's related to video then you've found the right domain! Maybe you're a videographer or filmmaker? With a .video domain name you can promote a range of video services, from wedding videos to video recording, production and editing. Perhaps you host your own video content? With a .video domain you can make it clear to everyone at a glance!