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At 1&1 there's a new top-level domain suited for any online project. To complement our popular .football nTLD, we also provide other great sporting domains, like .rugby, .cricket, and .coach. Do you run a local business or project? Then check out one of our great niche nTLDs, such as .club, .guide, .wine, .bio, and .property. Our nTLDs are also the perfect way to boost your blog—whatever its topic. Some great examples on offer include .money, .news, .fashion, .deals, .party, .family, and .help. Or why not explore some of our existing customers' favourite nTLDs, including .xyz, .properties, .holiday, and .ag. Whatever your domain needs, 1&1 has a solution.
Another special domains:
- .io domain
- .pro domain

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about:

nTLD List

  • What is an nTLD?

    nTLD is an abbreviation for 'new top-level domain', and refers to the section of a domain name that appears at the very end. The most frequently used top-level domain endings include .com, .net and .org, as well as national domain name endings like for the United Kingdom and .it for Italy. As of November 2013, new top-level domain names became available to the online world, enriching the vast array of opportunities for more creative and targeted domain endings. As such, you can engage your potential target audience with a more attention grabbing domain, or showcase your business' appeal instantly, thus helping bring new customers to your site faster. Grab a coveted nTLD from 1&1 today!
  • How does acquiring an nTLD with 1&1 work?

    Registering an nTLD with 1&1 is simple, and we're on hand to help you at every step. To begin, you need to pre-reserve your desired domain. This is free and comes with zero obligation. Once you pre-reserve a domain, we'll get in touch with you as soon as it becomes available. If another 1&1 customer has already pre-reserved your domain, we'll add you to the relevant waiting list. Next is the pre-registration stage. Here, we'll ensure that you are kept up-to-date about the pricing and terms, etc., of your desired domain so that once it is available you have all the information you need to make a final decision about making a purchase. To finish, simply register your domain with 1&1 - we'll walk you through the easy process once you reach this point. All that's left to do afterwards is enjoy the benefits of your unique new top-level domain from 1&1.
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