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Use social media to increase your popularity

  • Promote your website with social media apps
  • Turbo charge your social media campaign
  • Share your products / websites in a smarter way to your audience

Which social media apps does 1&1 MyWebsite offer?

adding social media apps to a website

Why should I add social media apps to my website?

Integrating social media apps into your website helps you attract more visitor and customers to your website. Attract customers through these social media website, which they visit most frequently. If you know your visitors and customers use these sites often, then spread awareness of your website through these means. Enable visitors, customers, or potential ones learn more about your website or discover it for the first time by accessing your social media links. By establishing an association and connection between your website and social media, you will be guaranteed to increase your website traffic. Visitors and customers will be reminded of your website, brand, or products when daily browsing through their social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Others, who are connected to ones who view or like your social media links for your website will automatically be alerted and interested to see what their online friends are looking at. Increase the awareness of your website with the 1&1 MyWebsite social media apps!
addthis as social media application on a website

Pinterest and AddThis to advertise your website through others

Let others advertise and market your website for you with Pinterest and AddThis. These are online features and apps which allow members of the online community to share and bookmark anything they see on the internet. Especially when you integrate these as 1&1 MyWebsite apps into your website, your visitors and customer can like, share and bookmark your website. This way their online friends will be able to see and notice that others are viewing and liking your website. The online community advertises your website for you!

linkedin app on a website

Use LinkedIn to market yourself in the business social media world

Attract business clientele for your business or ecommerce website by adding the LinkedIn 1&1 MyWebsite App to your website. LinkedIn is an online community of business oriented and working people. The way Facebook is used for social interaction between friends and acquaintances, LinkedIn does this for the business and professional world. Raise your website's awareness by linking your website with the LinkedIn social media site!
facebook and other social media apps

Google+, Twitter and Facebook: Get to know your audience

You can use such 1&1 MyWebsite Apps as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to market and advertise your website, but also to get to know your audience. Facebook users can like, comment and share your website with others. By adding a twitter feed to your website, any twitter user can share his or her thoughts on your website and it will be linked to Twitter. You can use these 1&1 MyWebsite Apps to gage your audience and see what they like and what their interests are. Knowing such vital information about your online audience, you can adjust and tweak your website to create an even greater appeal. Know what kind of crowd likes your website. Just like in the non-virtual world, social media sites have groups, fans, and cliques that interact. Associating closer to the groups, which like your website can be a great marketing tool.

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