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The dedicated .shop domain - for online and retail shops

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Make it easy for your customers to shop

Create an enhanced shopping experience

Reach your target customers more effectively

Convince your customers to buy with .shop

Pre-register a new top-level domain and set yourself apart from the rest
There is nothing worse than being left behind by innovative and evolving competitors. Make sure you are the one step ahead with 1&1. With a huge online milestone just around the corner and hundreds of top-level domains soon being made available, why not establish yourself with a competitive advantage by being one of the first to pre-register for top-level domains like .shop or .buy. With the help of 1&1 you can be sure to pre-register catchy, concise and sought-after domains before they are taken by your competitors. Not only at the forefront when purchasing a .shop domain, you will be certain to show your customers that you are on top of the latest online trends.
Pre-Register for a .shop domain to guarantee a clearer branding message
Have your website listed with a .shop domain so potential visitors can identify your website as a retailer when listed on search engine or price comparison results. With websites such as, and, URLs are now self-explanatory. With a clearer branding message, potential visitors will know the exact purpose of your website before even visiting the page. For eCommerce sites, traffic received will be from visitors with a higher chance of making a purchase, potentially increasing revenues. Buying a .shop domain from 1&1 also provides clearer, concise URLs that are memorable for both potential and existing visitors, allowing for easier referrals through word of mouth.
FAQs - Frequently asked questions:

.shop domain

  • What are the advantages of registering a .shop domain?

    It takes a lot of work to establish a strong position for yourself within the competitive eCommerce market. It also requires constant innovation in order to maintain your company image. While things may be going successfully for your business and you may not see the need to update your domains, it is anyone's guess as to how the soon-to-be-available top-level domains could impact your position. Secure top-level domains with your company name to protect your brand and to retain your position within the market.
  • How can 1&1 help you secure your desired top-level domains?

    With over 500 new top-level domains to choose from, 1&1 is your best choice for securing the best domain for you. 1&1's new domain tool allows you to check the availability of your preferred domain or domains. If still available, you can then pre-order those new top-level domains for free and with no obligation or risk. Once you have pre-ordered your desired domains, you can be sure that 1&1 will keep you fully informed of all the latest news and updates regards all the relevant domains.
  • What are the alternatives to a .shop domain?

    Additionally to a .shop domain you can consider alternative TLDs from the group of shopping domains:
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