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NEW 1&1 Smartphone Apps

Manage your 1&1 account wherever you are with our range of smartphone apps

Scan the QR code
and get your app easily.
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  • 1&1 Mobile Server Monitoring

    1&1 Mobile Server Monitoring
    • Check the availability of services for your
      server at all times
    • Automatic notification when the status
      of a service changes
    • 1&1 Mobile Server Monitoring
    Direct download with QR code
  • 1&1 Cloud Server App

    1&1 Mobile Cloud Server Management
    • Create and configure virtual machines, see costs, request information at any time and manage your Cloud Server on the go.
    • 1&1 Cloud Server App
    Direct download with QR code
  • 1&1 Mobile Online Storage

    1&1 Mobile Online Speicher
    • Always have your data with you
      (Internet access required)
    • Always have your office documents,
      photographs and videos with you
    • 1&1 Mobile Online Storage
    Direct download with QR code
  • Download apps through a QR code – this is how it works...

    1&1 QR-Code

    With the help of a QR code, you can quickly and easily access information about online pages. Use the camera of your smartphone to scan the QR code in order to view the page on your mobile phone.

    To decrypt the QR code you need a barcode scanner app, which you can download from your app store. Now you can scan the QR code and select 'Next' when prompted. You will then be automatically taken to the desired app in the app store.

    We recommend the following QR code readers (barcode scanner apps), which are available for free download:

    Alternatively, you can enter your smartphone's app store through your phone and enter the name of the app in the search field.

Manage servers, access data and even purchase domains on the go

At 1&1 we understand that the speed of modern business demands instantaneous access to the tools and resources you use most. That’s why we have developed our 1&1 Smartphone Apps with your evolving business needs in mind.

Mobile Cloud Server Management

Enjoy mobile access to your cloud server with the 1&1 Mobile Cloud Server Management Smartphone App. Configure RAM, CPU performance and hard disk space while on the go. Download it today!

Mobile Server Monitoring

Monitor your servers with the ease and convenience of the 1&1 Mobile Server Monitoring Smartphone App. Check availability, receive automated notifications of account status or server changes and more. Download it today!

Mobile Online Storage

Access your important data with the 1&1 Mobile Online Storage Smartphone App. Enjoy instant access to documents, photos, videos and more when you need them most. Download it today!