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A Versatile Root Server from 1&1
From £4.99/month1excl. 20% VAT
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  • Comprehensive Access Enjoy full access and administrator privileges
  • Flexibility Choose a dedicated, virtual, or cloud root server
  • Ideal Operating System Windows or Linux root server? You decide
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All servers are operated in our high-security data centres according to top standards of data protection.
FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the topic

Root Server

  • What is a root server?

    A root server is a professional web hosting solution. Whilst the majority of users get by with only a few gigabytes of web space, companies and professionals often need vast resources. Root servers are a cost-effective solution for large-scale, complex projects that require a high level of technical know-how to operate seamlessly. A root server is a configurable dedicated server that puts all the tools you need to build successful projects, directly into your hands. The administrator of a root server has control over the design of their infrastructure, as well as the maintenance, security, and setup of the server. This versatility makes root servers an attractive alternative to other web space solutions. A dedicated server is the ideal platform for a variety of applications such as FTP-accounts, web pages and more. In terms of operating systems, most root servers run on Linux. This OS is crash- resistant and helps save resources; what's more, it's generally preferred for data transfers and data storage, rather than being used as a workstation. In addition to Linux, 1&1 also offers Windows root servers.
  • What are the advantages of root server rental?

    A root server can be operated and maintained by an administrator from anywhere in the world. Depending on your root server settings, a Linux root server can also be accessed on the go with your tablet or smartphone. This makes it easy to change, restart, make updates and manage your data whenever you need to. Businesses and other professionals can take advantage of root servers when they want to take charge of the maintenance and security of the server. This server type provides flexible possibilities to run a multitude of applications. With a root server from 1&1, the security of your server is ensured by our team of experts and our cutting-edge facilities.
  • Why rent a cheap root server from 1&1?

    As an administrator, you'll have control over the management, options and potential uses of your root server. This allows for a wide range of applications to be flexibly brought under one roof. Whilst companies often set up their entire IT infrastructure using root servers, private users might use theirs to host online games, or perhaps as an FTP server. In fact, depending on your budget, project needs and level of experience, 1&1 has a root server configuration and package that's right for you. Renting a root server from 1&1 is a great option whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro – just find the package that suits you best.