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Kirsten Hoebbel Head of Referral Sales International

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If you´re happy with your 1&1 products, why not let your friends know about it:

You can easily order online for your friends and colleagues and automatically earn great commissions. For example, recommend 1&1 Hosting Plus and earn up to £20!


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Put your unused domains to work
For each purchase via your forwarded domain you will automatically receive a commission.
Domain forwarding

Did you know that you can earn attractive rewards with your unused domains? And with hardly any effort!

It's easy: choose the unused domain via domain management in your 1&1 Control Panel and select 1&1 Referral Program to set up forwarding to the 1&1 website.

You will then automatically receive a commission for every customer who orders a 1&1 product through your forwarded domain.


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Our team will be happy to answer any questions about the 1&1 Referral Program - just call us on 0800 171 2018 or e-mail me directly at k.hoebbel@1and1.co.uk

Kirsten Hoebbel Head of Referral Sales International
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