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Manage your recruiting
process with a single solution

Find the perfect candidates for your business and easily manage the entire recruiting process with state-of-the-art software
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Simplify your hiring process with recruiting software

Increase your reach
Find the right people
Decide faster
Recruiting software enables you to reach out to potential candidates using several channels. For example, you could integrate a dedicated career section into your existing website, post on job portals, or on social media.

You can reach out to the right candidates that fit your needs through the HR recruiting software by using predefined job templates.

The applicant tracking software allows you to have the best possible overview of all your candidates. Invite other employees to submit their feedback regarding specific applicants.

Easy onboarding
Process optimisation
Available anywhere
Once you choose a candidate, the HR recruiting software adopts all the applicants' personal information into the existing employee database.

Using a recruiting software lets you manage all the recruiting steps, from publishing a job ad to onboarding a new candidate, within a single applicant tracking system.

The recruiting software solution is available anywhere and at any time, whether accessed from a desktop or mobile device. All applications and notes are always available in one place.

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Find the Right Candidates with Recruiting Software

Branding and Communication
Simplified User Experience
Reporting and Analytics

Combining strong branding and smooth communication

When it comes to choosing the right applicant tracking system, one of the most important things to bear in mind is maintaining the branding of your company by means of a flawless communication system. HR recruiting software ensures a more professional and seamless hiring process with fast and efficient communication, customizable email templates, and unique job offer templates – allowing you to focus your energy on the areas where it's really needed. With such committed communication, all candidates – both successful and unsuccessful – come away with a positive experience in regards to both the hiring process and the company. This remains important not only for word of mouth, but also because the effectiveness of your hiring process provides applicants with their first impression of your company, which in turn builds your company profile and brand both internally and externally. Ideal for small to medium businesses, the applicant tracking software provides users with an electronic overview of your hiring process, ensuring that nothing slips through your HR department. The ATS system is part of a larger cloud-based recruiting agency software aimed to streamline the entire HR process and get rid of the more traditional HR processes, including spreadsheets.