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  • Brand yourself

  • Match your name with an e-mail address

  • Redirect visitors to your Facebook profile in 1-click

1st year£1.99/yearthen £14.99/yearexcl. VAT
1st year£19.99/yearthen £29.99/yearexcl. VAT
1st year£49.99/yearthen £89.99/yearexcl. VAT
1st year£4.99/yearthen £24.99/yearexcl. VAT
1st year£10.99/yearthen £19.99/yearexcl. VAT
1st year£19.99/yearthen £29.99/yearexcl. VAT
1st year£19.99/yearthen £29.99/yearexcl. VAT

Get the right URL for your profile

Market yourself online!
  • Simply register your chosen domain
  • Link it to existing pages with just 1 click
  • Guide people to your social media profiles
  • Get a unique e-mail address with your domain
Differentiate yourself from your peers with a unique and memorable address that says more than or Facebook URL.
Included with your personal domain
Register your domain with 1&1 and benefit from a fully-featured experience
2GB Mailbox
2GB Mailbox
Communicate professionally with an e-mail address linked to your domain (you@yourdomain).
1-click Activation
1-click Activation
Link your domain and Facebook profile with just one click.
Free Private Registration
Free Private Registration
1&1 hides your information from thieves and spammers.
24/7 Customer Support
24/7 Customer Support
Our experts are available by phone and e-mail, every day and around the clock to answer your questions about registering a domain.

Reasons to choose 1&1

Over 11 million customers can't be wrong!
We're proud to be one of the largest web hosts worldwide. More than 11 million customers trust us, with more joining them every day. Rely on over 25 years of experience and expertise!
Complete flexibility and endless possibilities
Combine your domain with a hosting package, your own customised website, an online shop, and more – the possibilities are endless! Alternatively, just register your domain on its own and ponder your next move.
Maximum security for your data
Your data is safe with 1&1. 99.99% availability and geo-redundancy help to eliminate failures – your data is stored simultaneously in two separate data centres, with multiple daily backups. With 1&1, security is always a top priority.

Frequently asked questions about personal domains

  • What is a personal domain?

    A personal domain is a private domain name which consists of a personalised SLD (second-level domain), which could be your name, and a TLD (top-level domain) which reflects who you are or what you do:, It's a short address that's easy to read and remember and is used to direct your visitors to another site.The addresses which link sites to social media profiles can often be long and over complicated as they are made up of many different components: first the name of the service provider, then the individual profile name and finally, cryptic strings of numbers. Thanks to personal domains, an end to complex links is finally here! With 1&1 you can create personal domains which redirect visitors to, for example, your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles. The links are easier to remember than the generic codes mentioned above: instead of up a personal domain is the easiest way to create a catchy link which you can then share with friends, colleagues or business partners—without your visitors having to memorise endless number sequences.
  • What are the benefits of a personal domain?

    It's a concise and distinctive address that visitors immediately associate with you. A personal domain also offers benefits in terms of functionality: It's easy to remember, can be quickly entered into a browser address bar and shared with friends, partners, clients or other interested parties, all ensuring that users reach the contents of your page more quickly. Regardless of whether you want to use a personal domain for a personal or business website, or just to redirect people to a social/professional page, it's an extremely valuable marketing tool. It increases the visibility of your site in search results as well
    as on social networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn.On top of this, an e-mail account with 2 GB of mailbox storage is included, so that you can communicate more effectively through a user-friendly and professional e-mail address.Catchy personal domains can be easily integrated into your e-mail footer, signature or newsletters as well as online advertisements and websites, and printed on business cards and other offline promotional materials.
  • How do I set up a personal domain?

    After registering a personal domain, the link which redirects traffic to a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other existing pages can be live in just a few clicks. All you need to do is to login to your Control Panel, go to 'manage domains' and edit the destination within the Domain Settings section, as described here
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