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Payroll Preparation

Automate your
monthly payroll tasks

Automated payroll software makes critical payroll preparation tasks much more efficient
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Simplify employee management with payroll software

Data transfer
Salary calculation
Tax consideration
Online payroll systems are always up to date with correct employee data, transferred from your current HR software.

A fully-automated payroll solution can calculate monthly wages based on tracked working hours and salary information.

Take specific tax rates into account.
Structured processing
Salary overview
Available anywhere
After you have finished payroll preparations using the online payroll solution, there are even more features to enjoy. And, of course, employees will always receive their wages on time.

The payroll feature allows you to have all of your staff expenses within a single preparation service.
The payroll preparation software is available anywhere and at any time, whether accessed from your desktop or mobile device.

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Optimize Your Payroll System

Modernizing the payslip
A simplified payroll solution
Top service at your disposal

A modern solution to the traditional payroll

The payroll software system offers a modern solution to the traditional payroll system. More and more businesses are now looking towards digital payroll systems and deeming the classic payslip via mail a thing of the past. No matter what size business or which industry, payroll accounting software is a great option for businesses looking to simplify their payroll system. While saving paper, time and money, the online payroll ensures both employees and employers experience an improved and simplified process. As most payroll systems are overly complicated and confusing, a simplified online payroll is a welcome change for all employees. Designed to ease the manual process for employers and HR, payroll solutions eliminate any unwanted complications, wasted time and also, the possibility of any errors; when deep in the calculation of payslips – no matter how many employees you're dealing with – the process can get overwhelming. The payroll software can be accessed any time and any place by smartphone, allowing employers to relax in the knowledge that payments have been taken care of on time and correctly. Additionally, if there are any last minute changes to be made, this can be done at the push of a button.