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From £0.99/monthexcl. VAT
  • Easy: 1-click osCommerce installation with the webhosting package
  • Safe: A shop system suited to your needs inclusive of an SSL certificate
  • Fast: PHP7, OPcache and SSD webspace for a highly performing osCommerce




Great value and resources for your web projects
Premium features for dynamic and interactive websites
Guaranteed performance for demanding projects, plus 1&1 Expert App Support
12 months
£0.99/monththen £4.99/monthexcl. VAT
12 months
£4.99/monththen £6.99/monthexcl. VAT
12 months
£6.99/monththen £9.99/monthexcl. VAT
    • Top performance with up to 2.5 GB RAM, 1.25 GB always guaranteed

    • allows approx. 300 processes per minute

    • Equivalent to about 100 visitors per minute

    • Scalable up to Level 5 as needed with up to 19 GB RAM (approx. 1,500 processes per minute) from £1.99/month per level

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    • For the free domain offer, please choose from the following extensions:,,, info, website, club, me, uk, com, net, biz, org

    • Top performance with up to 6 GB RAM, 3 GB always guaranteed

    • allows approx. 600 processes per minute

    • Equivalent to about 200 visitors per minute

    • Scalable up to Level 5 as needed with up to 19 GB RAM (approx. 1,500 processes per minute) from £1.99/month per level

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    • For the free domain offer, please choose from the following extensions:,,, info, website, club, me, uk, com, net, biz, org

    • Top performance with up to 9 GB RAM, 4.5 GB always guaranteed

    • allows approx. 900 processes per minute

    • Equivalent to about 300 visitors per minute

    • Scalable up to Level 5 as needed with up to 19 GB RAM (approx. 1,500 processes per minute) from £1.99/month per level

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    • For the free domain offer, please choose from the following extensions:,,, info, website, club, me, uk, com, net, biz, org

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How does osCommerce work as an online shop system?
The open source solution osCommerce is a comprehensive and reliable application for the development of online shops. Web providers receive a proven, extensive and open source "out-of-the-box" solution with a GNU General Public License that is continually extended, updated and optimized by an engaged community of users and programmers.

The free software can be downloaded easily with 1&1 osCommerce hosting and is installed with just one mouse click, so you can get straight to setting up your online shop. The intuitive user interface of osCommerce lets you customize and tailor your online shop specifically to your needs using your browser. Users of osCommerce also have access to more than 7000 free extensions for the functional design and optimization of their online shops. The open source software lets web shop operators upload an unlimited number of product and category pages with information and other media (pictures, videos etc.) and flexibly edit them – for physical or downloadable products.
The extensive features of osCommerce further allow for the implementation of functions like the basket, search field, product reviews, e-mail notifications or bestseller lists. Additionally, osCommerce not only offers multiple language options, but also offers other important features, like product statistics, order summaries, numerous payments, currency and delivery options, data security and newsletter options, that improve the shop and guarantee an optimal shopping experience for the customer.
osCommerce vs. Magento – What are the biggest differences?
Nowadays there are many different system solutions. Aside from the osCommerce solution, Magento is a widely distributed online shop system. Both osCommerce and Magento are "out-of-the-box" solutions; they offer the most important functions for setting up a comprehensive online shop immediately and provide the optimal foundation for successful ecommerce. A direct comparison of the two nevertheless reveals some significant differences.
Compared to osCommerce, the installation of Magento is more complex and requires powerful server resources to run optimally. As an extremely powerful online shop system, Magento is particularly well suited to larger companies with an extensive range of offers and multiple web shop domains. osCommerce is easier when it comes to installation and operation by comparison, making it the better solution for smaller businesses or beginners. Magento also offers specific marketing tools for search engine optimization (SEO) of your online shop or tailoring the meta title and description to the Google search result pages. osCommerce does however allow you to view product and customer data statistics.
Operators that value web design will appreciate the many creative options that Magento provides for creating an individual aesthetic for their online shop. On the other hand, those that want simple handling with solid functions should opt for osCommerce. Magento supports smartphones and tablets using mobile compatible HTML5, while osCommerce requires the user to download a special responsive template. Therefore, making the choice between osCommerce and Magento ultimately comes down to your specific wants and needs when it comes to functionality and the scope of your shop.

All the benefits at a glance

  • Easy online shop solution: With osCommerce you profit from an established shop system that is used world-wide and offers you all the important functions for your personal web shop – quick, easy and in multiple languages.
  • Numerous functions: Choose the aesthetics and functions of the shop yourself. With more than 7000 extensions, designing your shop according to your individual desires is quick and easy. Plus, you can always rely on the community forums to help you with any questions about the application.
  • Maximum 1&1 comfort: With osCommerce hosting from 1&1 you can jump straight into designing your shop. We manage your server with a secure connection, updates and maintenance. We are happy to answer any questions or assist you with any problems.

These are the advantages of osCommerce hosting:

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osCommerce Hosting

  • Ist osCommerce responsive?

    Unlike other shop systems like Magento, osCommerce systems don't offer automatic optimization for mobile devices. However, it does provide you with the option to download a responsive design template and integrate it in your shop. The huge osCommerce community also offers a host of useful and party free extensions for users to download. This ensures that your web shop can also be used for mobile ecommerce from smartphones and tablets, without having to manipulate the software or requiring you to have programming skills.
  • Are osCommerce add-ons available specifically for the UK market?

    Yes. Among the many available osCommerce add-ons, some are tailor made for the UK market – to make running your shop in compliance with all the rules and regulations a breeze. Many osCommerce add-ons are available to download for free, thanks to the osCommerce community. The add-ons are easy to install, integrate, and contain all the important functions to ensure that your online shop complies with all UK commerce laws. These include, useful information on shipping costs and VAT, prices are displayed before and after tax, information pages on creating an imprint, confirmation of terms and conditions and information on returns.
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