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Open-Xchange hosting for your company or institution
  • Efficient: Connect employees from different working levels.
  • Location-independent: Access documents, e-mails and appointments from anywhere.
  • Fast optimised work processes with precise, to-the-second data synchronisation.
Our Open-Xchange tariffs




The e-mail solution for small businesses and individuals

A comprehensive e-mail solution for businesses

£1.99/month1excl. 20% VAT
£0.99/month2excl. 20% VAT
Tip: 5 or more mailboxes for just £2.99/mailbox
£0/month3excl. 20% VAT
    • Additional space for centralised file storage

    • Additional space for centralised file storage

    • Calendar

    • Events

    • Contacts

    • Tasks

    • Document management

    • Centralised file storage

    • Rights management for workgroups

    • Access your e-mail from anywhere with ActiveSync

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about

Open-Xchange Hosting

  • What is Open-Xchange?

    Open-Xchange AG is a German software company and producer of open-source Linux based groupware. Groupware generally refers to specialised software that improves collaboration and interaction within a group, and should facilitate the efficient use of shared resources (information and data, for example). This is exactly what the collaborative software from Open-Xchange does, and it is now an established Microsoft Exchange Server alternative to groupware solutions from Microsoft. With the 1&1 business email package, which is based on Open-Xchange hosting, you can make teamwork, communication and the allocation of tasks within your company or institution more efficient and, above all, location-independent.
  • What are the benefits of Open-Xchange?

    Via the Open-Xchange server, 1&1 email for business connects employees on different working levels through a combination of e-mail and document management and standardised administration of tasks, addresses and meetings. Access rights can be adjusted for each individual user. This enables, not only customised task distribution and direct communication, but also more streamlined working processes and a precise exchange via the shared database. A comfortable browser-user interface enables each employee to find necessary information in one central location, and the synchronisation of collectively used data is continuous and accurate to the second.

    Compatibility with iOS and Android devices—as well as with any mobile or stationary hardware with ActiveSync capability (allowing data synchronisation between PC and mobile device)—makes this content accessible at any time while on-the-go. Thanks to this open exchange, our professional email solution also ensures that all documents are always up-to-date, thus avoiding time-consuming updates. Read and write access can also be individually assigned for each document and folder.
  • Who are Open-Xchange servers suitable for?

    Open-Xchange servers are primarily geared towards companies, educational institutions and authorities, but are equally suitable for other teams, working groups and freelancers who also want flexible access to central components of their database while on the move. Thanks to ActiveSync, Open-Xchange servers enable you to take the office with you at all times. You can access your data from anywhere—regardless of whether you're using a smartphone, laptop or tablet or whether you're in the office or on your home PC.
  • How secure is Open-Xchange hosting?

    When it comes to quick and simple data retrieval, user security is—together with user-friendliness—a crucial factor. To enable you to communicate with your team in a confidential manner, Open-Xchange hosting offers high security standards for data transfer. All centrally-saved data is only accessible with a password, and all data transferred is SSL protected as standard in order to prevent unauthorised access. Additionally, our data centres and high-quality server infrastructure ensure maximum physical protection of your data.