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For securing your online success
  • Achieve a higher Google ranking
  • Be present in all major online directories
  • Actively retain customers with e-mail newsletters
12 months
£29.99/monththen £49.99/month1excl. 20% VAT

Achieve a higher Google ranking

The 1&1 Marketing Toolbox offers you the best ranking for the most important searches.

Your online business card
  • Optimal presentation of your business on Google and in the widest reaching online directories
  • Daily synchronisation of your company data
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Better Google ranking
  • Step-by-step instructions to optimise your website content
  • Feature at the top of search engine results
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Use Google ads to attract new customers
  • Targeted keywords to attract new customers
  • Professional campaigns managed by 1&1 marketing experts
  • Fixed budget limits set by you
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Feature in all the major online directories

Your company entry in the widest reaching directories is always up to date,

allowing you to reach new customers locally and globally.

1&1 List Local
Get found easily!
  • Just enter your business information once with 1&1, and you'll be added to one of the largest online regional business directory networks, as well as top online portals
  • Make changes quickly and easily to ensure potential customers can always find you

Actively retain customers with e-mail newsletters

Directly measure your success - easy, fast and affordable.

Improve customer loyalty
  • Easy to use tool for creating newsletters
  • Convenient address management with a variety of delivery options
Design templates
Design templates
Get the best text and image combination for your newsletter by choosing from a range of design templates.

All templates can be edited via simple drag and drop functionality. You can personalise your newsletters by choosing from a range of salutations, enabling you to address your customers personally.

The relevant placeholders will be automatically populated with the appropriate contact information for your clients.
Image archive
Image archive
The 1&1 Newsletter Tool includes a range of industry specific pictures to be used in your e-mail, and you can also integrate your own digital images and tables.
Test your newsletter
Test your newsletter
To make sure that the layout and content of your newsletter are to your liking, you can send a test e-mail to up to 5 different contacts.

Once you've decided that you're happy with everything, you can go ahead and send the final newsletter to your contacts.
Registration form
Registration form
The 1&1 Newsletter Tool offers the easy creation and integration of a registration form on your website, so that customers who haven't already subscribed to your newsletter can sign up.
Manage addresses
and import contacts
Manage addresses and import contacts
Do you already have a list of contact details for your customers? Then you can start your first newsletter with just a few clicks!

The 1&1 Newsletter Tool allows you to easily import your contacts from popular e-mail programmes like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo! and 1&1 Mail. It also supports standard formats such as vCard and CSV.
Measure your success
Measure your success
Unlike traditional print advertising, you can analyse your newsletter statistics immediately after your first e-mail has been delivered.

Just days after it's been sent, you can view how many customers read your newsletter and what time of the day generated the best response.

The click-through rate is also clearly recorded in your newsletter statistics.
"1&1 offer more than technology. Our aim is to help you achieve online success."

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Contact us now

Silvio Schimke1&1 Online Marketing Expert
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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the topic:

Online Marketing Tools

  • Why do I need the 1&1 Marketing Toolbox?

    The 1&1 online marketing suite contains tools for the most important measures that companies need for their internet advertisements. The online marketing toolbox offers you the basic instruments to steer more visitors onto your website, improve your position on Google, and even advertising online. We ensure that each online marketing tool, whether SEO, SEA or the e-mail marketing manager, supports you in your quest to improve every aspect of your business. This will help you acquire new customers, take care of existing clients, and improve the sales of your website or online store.
    1&1's digital marketing tools provide you with fundamental services comparable to those of an online marketing agency at a much lower price. Plus, our toolbox has been designed to be user friendly, so it includes the best online marketing tools for beginners who don't want to read long user manuals.
  • Who is the 1&1 online marketing toolbox for?

    The 1&1 online marketing toolbox is ideal for online marketing beginners. If you have little to no experience with online marketing, or only a small budget for advertising at your disposal, then the simple internet marketing tools from 1&1 are perfect for you. They are directed at small to midsized companies that want to improve the visibility of their website and win new customers. Our online marketing toolbox was created to be understood by marketing novices, so you can start using it immediately.

    The online marketing toolbox from 1&1 introduces you to the most important measures for the internet. It is the most affordable way to advertise your company, look after current customers, and win new business. A particularly important tool for all local sellers, service providers, and restaurants is 1&1 ListLocal. With 1&1 ListLocal you can receive an entry with a map excerpt in many important online branch directories and, of course, on Google Maps. 1&1 ListLocal is one of the four marketing tools you receive as part of the online marketing toolbox.
  • Which online marketing tools are included and what are their functions?

    Our online marketing suite contains four tools: 1&1 Search Engine Marketing, 1&1 SEO Spotlight, 1&1 E-Mail Marketing Manager, and 1&1 ListLocal for your directory entries. Search engine advertising refers to the text ads that can be seen on search engines like Google. They appear whenever an internet user searches for specific products and services. They appear largely similar to the organic (unsponsored) results and are only distinguishable by a small "ad" label. If you would like to position your adverts here, you can do this through search engine advertising and Google marketing tools such as AdWords, which is responsible for selling advertisements. We find the best keywords for you and gainfully invest your advertising budget in AdWords. 1&1 SEO Spotlight improves the visibility of your website among the organic search results. There are various measures you can employ to improve your visibility on Google and win popularity. We know which websites receive preferential treatment from Google and help you to make sure that your company website is one of them.
    1&1 E-Mail Marketing Manager, the convenient newsletter tool, helps you to stay in touch with existing and potential clients, strengthen customer loyalty, and animate existing customers to visit your website or make a purchase. The emails are carefully tailored to different target groups to allow you to address the wants and needs of your customers. The tool automatically updates the email with a personalized address, including the name of its subscribers.
    A further important component of our online marketing suite is 1&1 List Local. This tool helps you to list your business on Google Maps and other branch directories. You are probably familiar with the small map that Google features in the top right corner of its results page. List Local not only improves your visibility on Google, but also on Facebook and other directories specific to your local area. If you change your location or contact information List Local will automatically update all entries—saving you time and hassle.
  • Why do I need all four online marketing toolbox tools?

    All four website marketing tools (SEA, SEO, E-Mail Marketing and List Local) complement each other, which is why it makes sense to use them in an online marketing mixture. With our selected digital marketing tools combined to form one toolbox, you can help your website realize its full potential. Each of the four marketing tools serves to improve traffic to your website. With rising popularity, your Google rankings will improve over time. The more visible you are on Google, the more customers will notice your website.

    Once you have made it onto the first Google results page, your chances of generating new business increase dramatically. However, because the online market is dynamic, your ranking requires constant work. That's why we recommend consistent use of the 1&1 Marketing Essentials.