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1&1 Mobile Sitebuilder

Mobile Websites with
1&1 Mobile Website Builder

  • Easily create your own mobile website
  • Convert your existing website for optimal mobile device usage
  • By making your website compatible with mobile devices, you can reach more customers

Choose Your Package

Mobile Website Builder

12 months 3.49£2.49/month Excl. 20% VAT then £3.49/month
Create and optimise a mobile version of your website
  • 1&1 Mobile Website Builder
  • 10 GB Webspace
  • 1 Mobile Website


12 months 4.99£0.99/month Excl. 20% VAT then £4.99/month
A complete online presence for viewing on desktop and mobile devices
  • 1&1 Mobile Website Builder
  • Unlimited Webspace
  • Unlimited Websites
    and 1 Mobile Website
  • Domain Included


12 months 6.99£3.99/month Excl. 20% VAT then £6.99/month
More power for your website with guaranteed performance
  • 1&1 Mobile Website Builder
  • Unlimited Webspace
  • Unlimited Websites
    and 1 Mobile Website
  • Domain Included

Optimise an Existing Website for Mobile Devices

Reach Customers via Smartphones and Tablets

How to Customise Your Website for Mobile Devices

By recognising the most frequent mobile device prompts, 1&1 Mobile Website Builder automatically optimises your existing website into a mobile website design. This intelligent recognition allows any mobile devices like tablets and smartphones to display your website with a suitable visual and technical layout. All website features such as content, images and colours can be manually customised to be accessed by mobile devices.

Preview your Mobile Website!

Preview the mobile website design of your existing website.

If you're unable to view the mobile preview of your website, your browser may be configured to block pop-up windows. You can enable pop-ups by adjusting your browser settings.

Build Mobile Websites

Build a New Mobile Website from Scratch

Create a new mobile website design from scratch. If you don’t wish to optimise your existing website, just create your own mobile website from the ground up. You can choose from a plethora of formats, colours, images and more. Just combine your favourites to complete your own handpicked mobile website design. You don’t need to be a professional designer; simply choose from the wide range of pre-designed templates. Once the fundamental design is ready to go, just customise the colours and layout.

Let 1&1 Host your Mobile Websites

Have You Signed Up to a 1&1 Web Hosting Package Yet?

In your 1&1 Control Panel you can easily add 1&1 Mobile Website Builder to your existing package and optimise your website for viewing on mobile devices right away.

Vital Facts!

Tips and pointers about 1&1 Mobile Website Builder


Frequent Asked Questions about 1&1 Mobile Website Builder

  • Do I need fee-based software for my mobile website?

    You don’t need any additional software. Create your mobile website with 1&1 by simply entering your e-mail address and your website URL, then immediately begin customising your mobile website design.

  • Do I need to have an existing website to create a mobile website?

    No you don’t! The choice of pre-designed templates allows you to customise ready-to-go designs any way you like. This enables you to create a mobile website design, accessible for tablets, mobile phones and laptops, without having an existing website.

  • Are computer programming skills required?

    No computer or website programming skills are required to create your own mobile website. A user-friendly tutorial guides you through the easy interface. You can even preview your mobile website design to spot and avert any problems or complications.

  • How do I know how my mobile website will be displayed on different devices?

    Before launching your mobile website, you can preview what your design will look like. You can even preview your mobile website design for various commonly used tablets and smartphones in your 1&1 Control Panel.

  • Does my mobile website update automatically, or do I have to manually update it?

    Don’t worry about doing twice the work! Your mobile website will automatically update when you change the content or any information on your existing website.