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Do you have any questions or suggestions? Contact us now Patrick Kunzer 1&1 Mail Expert
  • 25 GB mailbox space
  • Real-time synchronisation and mobile access to all of your data
  • Includes Microsoft® Outlook 2013 software

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Contact us now

Patrick Kunzer1&1 Mail Expert
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Microsoft® Exchange 2013 by 1&1

  • What do you get with Microsoft® Exchange 2013 by 1&1?

    Created for both personal and professional applications, Microsoft® Exchange 2013 by 1&1 provides users with advanced email features to make communication and collaboration easier than ever. With exchange hosting, combined with 1&1's email hosting services, you'll benefit from the worldwide standard in email management and email groupware. Featuring an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, access to emails offline with OWA caching, and real time synchronisation with your desktop, you'll find that your productivity increases as your communications become more streamlined.

    Along with these features, each Microsoft® Exchange 2013 by 1&1 includes a unique domain name chosen by you. This means you can link your email with your website– giving your contact details a consistent, professional look. Each mailbox comes with a massive 25GB of storage and a selection of advanced anti-virus and anti-spam protection software. In addition to this, our state-of-the art data centres offer you complete protection - so you can rest assured that your information is secure at all times. Finally, thanks to 1&1's transparent billing system, you're not tied into a lengthy contract - Microsoft® Exchange 2013 by 1&1 is payable on a monthly basis.
  • Can I combine my existing email with my 1&1 email using exchange hosting?

    Microsoft® Exchange 2013 by 1&1 allows you to combine your existing email addresses with your new email addresses from 1&1. With Microsoft® Exchange 2013 by 1&1 and email groupware, you'll be able to redirect any existing email addresses and view them alongside your new 1&1 emails. This can help you to increase your productivity, as you'll be able to access important emails from multiple mailboxes without interruption. Exchange email hosting will allow your company to enjoy continued growth by bringing a truly flexible communications solution to your desktop.

    To further improve productivity, Microsoft® Exchange 2013 by 1&1 can also be accessed from mobile devices. Using Microsoft® Outlook Web Access means that all of your emails, appointments, contacts and tasks will automatically sync with your desktop, smartphone or tablet.
  • Is Microsoft® Exchange 2013 by 1&1 secure?

    With over 12 million customers worldwide, 1&1 prides itself on providing the very highest levels of customer service within the industry. 1&1 Data Centres employ the very latest technology to ensure that speed, performance and data security are optimised at all times. Alongside this, 1&1 have introduced geo-redundant servers that store your Microsoft® Exchange 2013 by 1&1 data in two, geographically independent locations. This means that, in the unlikely event that one server is compromised, all of your data is still secure on the other.

    Microsoft® Exchange 2013 by 1&1 also provides users with a host of other security features to ensure your data is always safe. With full SSL-certified encryption to keep out third parties and the most advanced anti-spam and anti-virus software available, you can rest assured that your Microsoft® Exchange 2013 by 1&1 account is safe at all times. All of your security features can be accessed through the 1&1 Control Panel, giving you advanced control over your settings. You can create advanced security protocols, protecting you against external threats such as spyware, viruses, worms, Trojans, and other types of malware. Finally, 1&1's customer service is available 24/7, should you encounter any issues or have any questions regarding your exchange email hosting. Simply contact one of our experts via telephone or email and we will be happy to help.