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Run your online shop with Magento


  • High Performance Enjoy scalable performance for your needs
  • Support Web hosting with comprehensive 24/7 support
  • Easy Installation Select Magento hosting in the 1&1 App Centre and get started

1&1 Solutions for your Magento needs

Webhosting Package for Magento
VPS Server for Magento
Dedicated Server for Magento

The affordable and easy start for your Magento-Shop. In the 1&1 Webhosting package you can install Magento easily as a Click & Build Application. Your own online-store is just one click away.

If you need more power and more control, a virtual private server (VPS) could be the right solution for your Magento-Shop. This way, you can control every aspect of your setup and get the most out of Magento.

Serious Hardware for a serious Magento-Shop. With your own dedicated server your success is in your own hands. If maximum performance and control are what you are looking for, this is the right solution for you.

12 months
£6.99/monththen £9.99/monthexcl. VAT
6 months
£1/monththen £19.99/monthexcl. VAT
3 months
£55/monththen £75/monthexcl. VAT

Prices are subject to VAT and are dependent upon your country of residence. Terms and conditions apply.

The advantages of Magento hosting at a glance

  • Warehouse management for your store: Automated storage balancing informs you when items are in low stock, so you can avoid bottleneck situations
  • Opportunities for expansion: Create whatever type of product you wish, and as many as you want! There are thousands of Magento extensions available, compatible with companies of all sizes
  • Multiple online stores in one – even in different languages and currencies
  • Integrated SEO tools: Search engine friendly URLs and search engine settings for product pages

How many websites use Magento?

One installation, multiple shops

Magento hosting houses several shops under one roof

You can open multiple stores with individual URLs when you opt for Magento hosting from 1&1. For example, you can offer the same range of products across various shops, or easily create partner stores. This is a great feature that allows you to open up online shops for different target groups and strengthen your brand by creating partner stores. As a top Magento hosting provider, 1&1 gives you the performance you need to launch your own success story.

Magento Hosting

  • What is Magento hosting?

    Magento is the world's favourite software for online shops. Because of the complexity of this software, most Magento hosting companies offer installation as a service. Opting for Magento hosting from 1&1 makes everything simple. We provide you with the technical means and the necessary performance to get your online shop off the ground. Alongside the hardware needed to operate a Magento server, you also benefit from experts who are familiar with Magento's demands; for example, PHP scripting languages and MySQL databases. If you have the knowledge and proper architecture in place to install the software yourself, then you may only need to order webspace or a server with enough power to run your system. However, with 1&1, simply select the 1&1 Cloud Server package you wish and choose Magento. Additional open source software can be downloaded at any time from the 1&1 App Centre.

  • What can I expect from a Magento hosting provider like 1&1?

    1&1 offers optimised Magento hosting for your online shop needs. With our service, installing the complex software that makes Magento so dynamic is easy, and can be accomplished in just a few clicks by visiting the 1&1 App Centre. We fulfill all of the technical requirements needed to install the software so you can operate your shop smoothly.

    Once Magento has been installed, you're free to concentrate on the design, construction, and operation of your store – we take care of the server side of things. To that, add ample storage space, incredible computing power, and a high-speed network connection and you have Magento hosting that's a cut above the rest. With 1&1, you can create the advanced online shop that will exceed your own expectations, and those of your customers.
  • What type of Magento server is right for me?

    When you decide to work with Magento to run your shop, it's best not to skimp on securing a proper server. Magento hosting requires a lot of resources to run smoothly, including large amounts of computing power, memory, and storage space. During peak shopping times, such as at Christmas, increased traffic to your site could result in slower loading times. This could cost you customers looking for a convenient online shopping experience, as well as hurt your shop's Google ranking. Choosing a cloud server from which to run your online shop will give you the power you need to accommodate high traffic. With 1&1, you'll not only receive a superior Magento server maintained by experts, you'll also enjoy automatic software updates.
  • What requirements should my Magento server fulfill?

    The ideal Magento hosting server will provide top performance together with the appropriate hardware to handle the size and complexity of the software. The type of hosting package, including the corresponding server capabilities, will of course depend on the size of your undertaking. At 1&1, you can harness the maximum processing power of our servers to run a successful eCommerce business – crucial for ensuring fast loading times on your site. We make this possible by using current hardware and an exceptionally fast Internet connection. You can also take advantage of our apps such as Magento, WordPress and Joomla! to create your site. But we're confident you'll be happy with your new Magento Cloud Server and our high-performance hosting package.
  • How much will a Magento server transfer to 1&1 cost?

    If you already use Magento but feel limited by the performance and processing power of your server, you can always sign up with us at 1&1. When you need more storage space, memory, and exceptional performance, all without the technical hassle of maintaining a server, then one of our Cloud Server packages is for you. Best of all, our experts make every transfer easy: From transferring your store to securing a unique domain and e-mail addresses, we're here to help.
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