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Wordpress CMS

  • What is a WordPress CMS?

    WordPress is very popular and commonly used software used for blogging. It is a free and open source CMS, content management system, which allows its users to create, edit, publish, maintain and update their blogs. This is a central interface system, which is powered by a state of the art data banks ensuring that every user's blog can function at a high level. Every blog owner is guaranteed an adequate amount of memory capacity for their blog, which also enables WordPress server and data banks maintenance. By using the 1&1 offered WordPress CMS, 1&1 ensures a database like maintenance for your blog posts. WordPress is used by most bloggers to create their blogs. It is one of the most versatile blogging platforms and its popularity derives from the immense versatility and user friendly approach. Regardless of what kind of blog you want to create, whether it is a small personal blog or a very professional blog for newspapers or journalistic professions, WordPress CMS lets you create and maintain your blog easily.

  • What are some of the important features of WordPress?

    WordPress CMS has not only become one of the most popular blogging software due to its versatility, but also for its many appealing and attractive features. It offers the most recent technology over any software of its kind. As a blog owner, you have the choice of many hundreds of different plugins. Create the ultimate blog with plenty of functions. Connect to social networks, keep an overview of your blogs performance, choose your own custom design to really express your message, use mobile apps to publish your blog, eliminate spam, integrate more than one language, and much more. Use Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Facebook to promote and publicise your blog to the online community. See how many interested readers you have following your blog by keeping an overview of your blog's traffic. You can even discover from where in the world your readers are following you. Offer your blog to your global readers in over 50 different languages. Most importantly, WordPress is open source and free to use!

  • Why is a 1&1 WordPress blog website a good choice?

    1&1 makes your own blog a reality with WordPress. The hosting packages offered by 1&1 have more than the required memory capacity and processing power to operate your WordPress blog. The offered 1&1 hosting packages have been designed and constructed to optimally host your WordPress blog. On top of all the amazing and appealing features WordPress already offers you as a blogger, 1&1 provides you with more than 60 Click & Build options to further enhance your blog's functionality. If your blog expands and you need more web space and processing power, 1&1 provides you with many options to expand your online voice!