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Customisable design templates and versatile business web apps, along with image and text suggestions to suit your project.

How it works

Use high-quality designs!

With just a few clicks you can choose a professional website layout and customise it any way you like.Use our high-quality website design templates for your own website. With our powerful dashboard, you can simply change schemes and the structure of all pages. Upload your own visuals and product details. Create your own website in minutes.

Make amends quickly and easily!

Setup your own website with our website builder tool. You don't need any prior knowledge or additional software to edit your website. Drag & drop functionality allows you to add and move website elements around quickly and easily. Thanks to the simplicity and our state of the art technology, your website will be always online and up-to-date.

Perfect presentation on mobile devices

Optimise your website for smartphones and tablets. Your website layout will automatically adapt to the screen resolution of the device, so that the content of your website can be presented completely and perfectly. With the help of our website builder, you take advantage of a responsive web design to ensure the your website will be displayed correctly.

Be inspired by our pictures and texts

Make a striking impression from the start with high-quality images and texts perfect for your industry, as well as a complete navigation structure. Add your own content, texts and photos and choose from a wide selection of royalty-free stock images.

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12 months £2.99/month then £6.99/monthexcl. VAT
12 months £0.99/month then £9.99/monthexcl. VAT
12 months £9.99/month then £19.99/monthexcl. VAT

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30 day money back guarantee

30 day money back guarantee

30 day money back guarantee

FAQ: Website design with 1&1

  • Website Design - Professional websites in minutes:

    Website design and hosting has never been easier thanks to our range of powerful, creative tools. Whatever your vision is, we can offer the very best web design software on the market to help you build a website that reflects your business or organization in a professional manner that engages your visitors – encouraging them to return again and again. What's more, whether you're a seasoned professional or an absolute beginner, you will be able to design your own website in no time at all thanks to our simple web authoring software that requires no advanced programming languages.

    A variety of templates suitable for both private and commercial use are available to get you started, however, all of these are fully customizable – giving you the opportunity to design your own website with your own unique content. In just a few clicks you can get started and, with our powerful dashboard to help you along the way, you can easily change colour schemes and structure whilst uploading your own pictures and product details.
    If your own personalised content is not essential for your website, our website design software offers a wide selection of royalty-free stock photos and countless standard texts for you to use. What's more, both our stock content and your own unique content are fully optimised for mobile presentation – meaning your website will always look fantastic whether viewed from a computer or tablet and smartphone.
  • Easy Editing - Always online and always up-to-date:

    Thanks to 1&1's comprehensive range of website design software tutorials, you'll have the knowledge to ensure that your website is always up-to-date and operational – giving you more time to concentrate on increasing your site's popularity. Since all of your website design data is uploaded to the cloud, you'll also be able to make any required changes whilst on the move or away from your office. Detailed changes can be made through 1&1's MyWebsite drag & drop interface that allows intuitive control of your website and its contents. Detailed image editing that allows you to rotate, crop and add effects to your pictures, is also available for increased control.

    Thanks to its simplicity and 1&1's state of the art technology, you can also be sure that your website will enjoy the maximum up time – allowing your customers or users to get the most from your website. In fact, 1&1's website design and hosting has received numerous awards for its simplicity and reliability in addition to our comprehensive customer service and knowledge base. Design your own website today and enjoy 1&1's simple solutions to professional website design and editing.
  • Continued Success - Market and promote your website for increased growth:

    Once you've finished with the design of your own website and uploaded all of your unique content, you can begin to promote it to a wider audience. Thankfully, this is also a breeze with 1&1's powerful set of online marketing tools that allow you to build your own distinct web presence from scratch. With the opportunity to enjoy greater visibility in search engines such as Google, you can be sure that you will generate plenty of new visits as your website grows. In addition to this, you can integrate popular distribution platforms; such as eBay, Amazon and Etsy, into your website and reach huge audiences around the world.
    Once you've secured the interest of your customers or users with your compelling website design and SEO strategy, it is important that you keep them coming back to your website time and again - thankfully, 1&1 has a number of tools to help you achieve this. Keep your customers informed of the latest developments to your website design with 1&1's high quality newsletter creation tools. Social media can also be integrated into your website, allowing you to take advantage of portals such as Facebook and Twitter. Finally, to give you even greater control, 1&1 SiteAnalytics will help you to understand how your website design influences customers and traffic – giving you the opportunity to adapt the most successful elements.