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Start from stunning designs and individualise as you'd like, with ease.

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Website templates designed for all of your best ideas

All 1&1 MyWebsite's professional website templates come with inspiring imagery and text content, tailor-made for your industry or idea.

Artech – For creatives with diverse portfolios. Showcase your work and tell the story behind each project.

The Laundry Cafe - The perfect starting point to create a professional website that truly represents your business.

Musician - Bold imagery and elegant typography to captivate whole new audiences.

Barber Shop - Simple and iconic, attract more visitors to your store or shop.

Dance - A professional and polished look for your online presence

Farbenfroh - Sometimes, less is more. Perfect for agencies, restaurants, wedding sites, and more.

And many, many more


1&1 MyWebsite – website templates

1&1 MyWebsite enables you to create a outstanding, fascinating website within minutes. Design a beautiful and personal website that connects you with your customers – on any device. No special web design skills required.

More information on website templates

  • Instant, industry specific templates

    With a comprehensive selection of website design templates spread across a variety of industries, the 1&1 MyWebsite application is the perfect way to build an online presence. What's more, with our simple and intuitive interface, you will require no previous experience to create powerful and professional website designs. Should you struggle to find the perfect web design templates for your industry or sector, then you can take advantage of our powerful editing software and tailor any of the website templates in any way you wish.

    Each of 1&1's web templates can be updated as and when you wish – so you can be sure that your content is always up-to-date and your customers are always well informed. There is plenty of space for your own images and content, however, with several thousands royalty stock images and a wealth of texts available, you can also rely on 1&1 to provide professional content when you require it. Finally, all of your texts, backgrounds, and headlines can be customized, alongside your colour scheme, to ensure a truly unique experience for your customers or users. Take a look at a selection of example website designs from some of our happy customers to experience the simplicity and power of 1&1's MyWebsite application.
  • Integrate elements and business widgets

    Among the more powerful features found within 1&1's website designs is a feature that allows you to integrate interactive elements and third-party web apps. Basic elements include text boxes, images and videos that can be placed within your website templates by using our simple drag & drop interface. This means you can customise your website with your own content by arranging it in the optimal way for your customers and users.
    Third-party business widgets bring a world of extra functionality to your website with just a few simple clicks. Integrate social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and many others and allow your customers to share your website with other users. eCommerce websites will enjoy advanced contact and communication features alongside many powerful security apps to increase trust during your online transactions. Finally, with 1&1's Video Maker, Online Brochure and Online Survey apps, you can take your web design templates further than ever before. Start exploring the world of online apps and elements today.
  • Expand your website as you grow

    Once you have decided upon an ideal website template for your purposes and customised it to your requirements, it's time start thinking about how to grow your user or customer base. To begin with, in order to ensure your website is truly global, you should integrate the 1&1 Website Translator so visitors can view your site in their preferred language. This will give your website an instant international aspect and allow greater exposure to an unlimited user base.
    Next, in order to get the most from your website design templates, search engine optimisation should be implemented with 1&1 SEO Pro 2.0. This feature will make your web template more visible in search engines – allowing users to find it without long searches. It is also advisable to take advantage of 1&1 SEO experts with the MyWebsite premium feature for increased efficiency.
    Finally, by utilising popular distribution platforms such as eBay, Amazon and Etsy you can reach even larger markets and enjoy even greater exposure for your website templates. Customers can also be encouraged to return to your site templates with the use of newsletters informing them of any latest changes or offers you may be implementing – a great way to strengthen customer loyalty.