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Gain visitors trust with an SSL encrypted website. Reap the rewards on Google with higher visibility. Increase rankings and sales with a faster website.

  • 1&1 SSL Starter

    • GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium
    • Protection for one domain name
    • Domain Validation
    • $500,000 loss excess amount
    • Green Lock
    • Up to 256-bit SSL encryption
    • Support from Geotrust
    • Easy to activate on your website
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  • 1&1 SSL Starter Plus

    • GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium Wildcard
    • Protection for one domain and an unlimited number of subdomains
    • Domain Validation
    • $500,000 loss coverage
    • Green Lock
    • Up to 256-bit SSL encryption
    • Support from Geotrust
    • Easy to activate on your website
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  • 1&1 SSL Business

    • GeoTrust True BusinessID
    • Protection for one domain name
    • Organization Validation
    • $1,250,000 loss coverage
    • Green Lock
    • Protection against phishing
    • Up to 256-bit SSL encryption
    • Support from Geotrust
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Protect your customers' data

Show your website visitors that their data is safe with you!

Create confidence with data protection

For business websites, online shops, and anywhere else that requires the entry of customer data, it's essential to provide a good standard of data protection.Responsibility for customer data starts with your contact form. If customers are unsure whether or not unauthorised persons can read their information, they are very unlikely to continue entering their personal data.

Secure from the start

With an SSL certificate, web browsers will show that data is encrypted when accessing your website. The recognisable padlock icon and 'https' indicate to visitors that all information is transferred via secure socket layer (SSL) only. A secure connection provides a clear competitive advantage over websites without encryption, while also protecting against data theft and fraud.

Quick and uncomplicated

Your 1&1 SSL Certificate can be set up with just a few clicks in the Control Panel. The digital verification (validation) can be easily performed online, with no inconvenient paperwork or forms. As soon as you load your completed certificate onto your server, your website will be immediately encrypted with up to 256-bit!

Security expertise from Symantec

With over 30 years of experience in computer and Internet security, Symantec is a market leader when it comes to powerful security tools. With Symantec as our partner, we offer leading SSL security standards at your fingertips. The GeoTrust and RapidSSL brands are well-established among the most trusted certificate management solutions on the Internet.

Be found more easily with SSL

Google, the global search engine market leader, rewards all website operators for the responsible handling of customer data.

Get an advantage in Google search result

With an SSL certificate, not only can you secure the data traffic on your website, you can also secure a definite advantage in search engine rankings. For example, Google gives better ratings to websites with SSL, compared to sites without security certification. Professionally validated sites can receive up to 5% higher rankings in search results!

FAQ about the topic:

SSL Certificate

  • What is an SSL certificate and how can it help me?

    In simple terms, an SSL certificate is a communications protocol that provides security for web developers and users whilst using the Internet. This type of safeguard is important since the information sent across the Internet is essentially unsecured and, in theory, could be intercepted and accessed by a third party. SSL certificates provide a layer of confidentiality and security that ensures privacy for users when transferring sensitive information between websites or through email. For this reason an SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, is integral to the successful operation of web based business and other concerns that deal with users' personal information. An SSL certificate is associated with your particular domain name and so, when you buy an SSL certificate from 1&1, you are ensuring that any data sent between your server and the client is secured against external threats. The user's browser decodes the data and displays the familiar lock icon for verification, in addition to this, rather than the usual "http" prefix, users will see "https" within the address bar. Since there are various types of SSL certificates, each website should select the most suitable certificate for the given application.

  • What are the differences between SSL certificates?

    In essence, there are three different SSL certificates available; the Extended Validation (EV), the Organisation Validation (OV) and the Domain Validation (DV), with each suited to a particular application. The Extended Validation SSL certificate provides clients with checks to ensure the right of the applicant to use a specific domain name and 256 bit encryption standard. Alongside this, the Certificate Authority also conducts a thorough vetting of the organisation including; the verification of the legal and physical operational existence of the organisation, the verification of identity in line with official records and the verification of the authorised issuance of the EV SSL certificate. This type of certificate is available for all types of business, however, they are most often used by public authorities. The Organisation Validation certificate checks the right of the applicant to use a specific domain plus some vetting of the organisation alongside the Secure Site Seal that provides customers with further company information when clicked. Finally, Domain Validation SSL certificates that are by far the most common, simply provide a check of the right of the applicant to a specified domain name – the perfect solution for smaller websites, forums, blogs, intranet and mail servers, or anyone who requires cheap SSL certificates.

  • How do SSL certificates work?

    SSL certificates work by establishing a trusted connection between the website's server and the client's browser. This is accomplished almost instantly as the host and the provider communicate the particular SSL certificate and verify a common key. As the Internet has developed, so too have SSL certificates, providing increased security as external threats have become more sophisticated. This means that you will always be protected, despite the changeable nature of these external threats. It should be noted, that the level of encryption varies between 128 and 256 bits with the higher bit count providing greater possibilities for combinations of algorithms leading to greater security. In addition to this, SSL certificates are distinguished by browser compatibility, whether for single, sub or multiple domains, and the validation process of the domain or identity of the website. These safeguards ensure the security of your website and reassure your customers regarding their sensitive, personal details and data.

  • If I buy an SSL certificate from 1&1, how will it improve my Google rankings?

    SSL certificates are important, not only for the safety of users, but also for search engine optimisation (SEO) and website visibility. Since August 2014, Google has communicated that SSL should be implemented to ensure both in-house, and the Internet as a whole, is a safer place. For this reason, Google prioritises websites with valid SSL certificates, with their algorithms consistently ranking websites with SSL higher up the list. Whilst Google still recognises other aspects as important when ranking, the security of a website is paramount to its success and it is likely that even more weight will be placed on its user safety in the future. When you buy an SSL certificate, you will be able to offer your customers assurance as to their personal data and ensure that your website ranks higher than websites without SSL. Customers will appreciate the confidence your website inspires in them and return to your site again and again.

  • Which SSL certificates can I buy from 1&1?

    Here at 1&1, we are pleased to be able to offer our customers our QuickSSL Certificate that falls within the Domain Validation group of certifications. Provided by GeoTrust and featuring 256 bit encryption, QuickSSL is available free with some of our packages or as an optional extra that is easily bolted on to your existing package. Simply log into the 1&1 Control panel and click the enhance package option within your account. Here, you will see the list of available extensions before you proceed to the customer store to complete your purchase. Once you have committed to buy one of our cheap SSL certificates, we will proceed to create it – all you need to do is follow the activation instructions within our confirmation email. If your SSL certificate has been unlocked, you can simply integrate it into your website, providing your customers with increased safety and security alongside peace of mind with the SSL Seal. Further information is available through the 1&1 Help Centre or, alternatively, by contacting us via telephone or email.