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Suzanne's Story
"It keeps me connected with my customers."

Two years ago, Suzanne set out to found and build her own media consulting company. Since then, she's taken on two employees and they work out of a converted loft space in London. Suzanne didn't have any experience in programming, so she wasn't in the best position to build her website herself, and hiring an agency to do it just wasn't in the budget. That's why she chose MyWebsite: she could design it all herself using the flexible and intuitive editor.

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Managed WordPress

Caroline's Story
"I discovered a new passion, plus an audience for my art."

Caroline studied fashion design but stumbled into photography while creating a portfolio for her clothing collection. After a few years, she knew it was time to get her own gallery. She then needed a website with email accounts to keep in touch with her clients, as well as the flexibility to update content whenever she wanted. Through talking with friends, she learned that WordPress is the best tool for blogging and designing dynamic websites. Her gallery is quite new, so she needed a low-cost hosting option. She was even able to snag a catchy domain name.

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Web Hosting

Mike's Story
"My site brings people together"

Mike works for the council as an IT administrator. He has always loved football, so when he moved for his new job he decided that a good way to meet new people was to volunteer as a football coach. With his IT experience, Mike knew the basics involved in coding, database management, and web design, so he was able to build a brand new site for his team from scratch. He fully customised the site and integrated a platform for players and their families to connect off the pitch and between games. The website was a huge success: with unlimited space, Mike could upload and manage thousands of pictures and videos submitted by his team and their fans to document winning streaks and match highlights.

From £0.99/month

Not convinced yet? Building a website is like creating a work of art...only much easier!

1&1 MyWebsite

Colouring Book

The black-and-white outlines are drawn; you choose the supplies and colour palette.

Our website builder is like taking a page out of a colouring book: The technical layout is already done and you can have fun with the rest. You choose your favourite template and decide whether you want to use pastels, paint, or pencils. Your focus is on the finished product, rather than worrying about the framework.

1&1 MyWebsite is fast and easy. It's flexible and customisable, and simple enough that anyone can use it without investing too much time.

Launch your website in minutes

WordPress Hosting

Inspired Art

Creating a work of art with all the right supplies.

Our WordPress Hosting provides you with your canvas and supplies. You might have a clear idea of how the finished piece should look, or you might need some inspiration. Either way, with all the right tools at your disposal, you are free to paint a landscape, portrait, or still life.

WordPress Hosting with 1&1 gives you even more flexibility in the creation of your website. The WordPress community offers countless design templates and plugins for your project.

Easily design your own WordPress website

Web Hosting


The blank canvas is calling.

With our web hosting, you only pay for the blank canvas: the server space. You are the only artist, and you are free to create and design your piece however you'd like. You are an experienced artist with the skills and creativity to develop your own masterpiece.

But of course you aren't completely alone. We're here to make sure your site visitors always experience fast loading times and are protected by an SSL certificate.

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