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Store and share your data

HiDrive secures your data in the cloud so you can easily access it from any device.





£2/monthexcl. VAT
£3/monthexcl. VAT
£10/monthexcl. VAT
£20/monthexcl. VAT

100 GB

250 GB

1,000 GB

2,000 GB

Unlimited flexibility

Access HiDrive from any device, any time, from the office or on the go. There's no limit to the type of data you can upload – from Word and Excel, to audio and video files. Your data is stored securely in European data centres.

Access your data from anywhere
Download the app to your smartphone or tablet to always have your data at hand: in the office, on the road, and while with customers. Relax safe in the knowledge that if you forget your laptop in the office or run out of battery mid-presentation, you can still access your data in the cloud from any browser on any device, meaning you still have those important sales figures to hand, or can simply finish your presentation using a colleague's computer.


HiDrive integrates itself into your workday. The desktop software allows you to sync your folders to the cloud. This means changes made to a file online or locally will be synced across all versions.


Team projects are a breeze when you can collaborate using HiDrive. Effortlessly create and manage individual accounts for each team member with password protection. Share projects internally or externally with just a link, and give people read-only access or the ability to edit. You can also set an expiry date for shared links, and limit the number of times data is downloaded. As you finish working in Frankfurt, your team in Washington can seamlessly pick up where you left off.

Benefits of HiDrive online storage

Stay secure

HiDrive keeps your work safe through all steps of your projects. Automatic backups prevent unintended changes and deletions and store previous versions of your work. You can also opt to back up your NAS hardware or entire devices to protect against theft, damage, and power outages.

Stay private

Your data privacy is important to us. Unlike free online storage providers, your HiDrive data will never be monetised. All of our European data centres adhere to the ISO 27001 standard.

Stay in control

HiDrive gives you the power to decide who has the access rights to do what. Set up password-protected accounts for your team members, or allow access with a link. Configure permissions for each individual user.

HiDrive Online Storage

  • On which devices does the HiDrive cloud storage work?

    HiDrive cloud storage works on several different devices and operating systems. It is possible to use HiDrive as a storage app, desktop software, or directly in your web browser. Your stored data can be accessed by you on the online server whenever and wherever you need it, and across many different devices – from home, work, or on the go. Here's a quick overview of HiDrive cloud storage availability on different devices:

    • Apps: The HiDrive storage app is available for iOS and Android. For iOS, version 9.3 or newer is needed, as this version and onwards has updated security features. The iOS app is compatible with iPhone and iPad.
    • Desktop:The desktop software for HiDrive cloud storage is compatible with Windows operating systems (Vista and newer).
    • Web browser: You can also access everything you've backed up on a web browser in case you don't have your mobile device or computer at hand – this is possible from any web browser, and is ideal in case you're working for or with an important client and your laptop or desktop computer fails. In this case, the web browser provides the ideal solution.
  • Can I replace my outdated hardware backup solution with HiDrive?

    Yes, of course – this is one of the benefits of using HiDrive online storage. It does depend on how you've integrated your current hardware backup solution. To help with this, however, HiDrive offers the necessary interfaces, such as:

    • SMB,
    • FTB, and
    • rSync,

    which can also be used for complete server backups. This means that there is an excellent range of options to fully integrate your cloud storage as an online backup.

    So it does depend, but in most cases HiDrive is able to not only completely replace your current backup solution, but also bring along with it several advantages. This includes features such as expandable storage space, meaning you can simply switch to larger online data storage whenever you need it. Furthermore, replacing your hardware backup with online cloud storage means that you have truly secure storage, kept in a professional data centre rather than in a cupboard in the office or at home, where it is liable to become damaged. Check out HiDrive, and you'll never have to change backup USBs or external drives again!
  • What kind of data can I store with HiDrive? What are the limits?

    With HiDrive, you will be able to save all kinds of files, without any exceptions. Whether this is Word or Excel documents, PDFs, video or XML files, various types of image file, or Photoshop and PSD files, HiDrive can store all of them, as well as many other formats. This means that you can use different programs, even on different operating systems and devices, and still store them all in the same place for secure, easy access whenever and wherever you need.

    Storing large files is no problem with HiDrive. There is no set limit for file sizes – depending on your storage plan, you may have more space. The only actual restriction on possible space is the technically determined limits, but these are really very seldom reached. For example, if you have an Adobe Premiere Video project that you want to back up that is 10 GB, or even bigger, HiDrive can back up this large file without any problems. Extraordinarily large Photoshop files can also be uploaded, saved, and shared on the online file server. This makes HiDrive one of the best cloud storage options, with the possibility to expand when you reach your file limit.

    There is also no limit on the number of files and folders you have uploaded and saved on the cloud storage. There are of course some technical limits, but these are, again, hard to reach and exceed. Furthermore, it is possible to store thousands of login files in one folder, meaning organising and managing your online file storage is easy and workable.
  • How can I integrate HiDrive in my existing infrastructure?

    It's very simple to integrate HiDrive into your current infrastructure. Protocols such as SMB, FTB, and rSync are all supported in order to integrate HiDrive into your existing infrastructure. If you use Windows operating system, the automatic software distribution services like Baramundi are also supported, and can be configured for a proxy infrastructure. The supported protocols make it so simple to integrate HiDrive Business into your existing system:

    • (S)FTP/FTPS: fast data transfer with an option to pause and resume
    • WebDAV: folder integration on HTTP-basis
    • SMB/CIFS drive integration into your operating system
    • rSync: the standard for data synchronisation
    • SCP: secure data transmission via SSH
    • Git: secure Git repository for developers
  • What's the difference between cloud storage and online backups?

    Generally speaking, there is no real difference between cloud storage and an online backup when you're using HiDrive. HiDrive is a cloud storage provider, which can be used for easy file sharing and as a drive – but it can just as easily be used as your online backup. This means you'll have your online backup and all your data at hand in one secure place - both your cloud storage and your online backup will be easily manageable.
  • Can I back up all my devices using one online backup plan?

    There is a current technical limitation of 10 devices per operating system per account. Simply put: 10 Android, 10 Windows, and 10 iOS devices are allowed per account. This makes it one of the cheaper cloud storage options, because it allows for so many devices on one plan. Note that if you register an 11th Windows device, for example, the first one on the list is removed. So it depends on your personal needs – but it is of course possible to register all your devices!

    If you wish, you can allow each of your users to back up 5 computers and 3 mobile devices using just one account– HiDrive is one of the best cloud storage providers due to its flexibility, and that it offers highly secure smartphone backups, as well as PC and laptop backups, meaning that you can store all your data securely, whether for personal or professional purposes.
  • How long will the initial backup take?

    This depends on how much data needs to be uploaded to the online data storage platform. If you have a VDSL50 connection, you'll be able to back up 1 GB per 15 minutes, and if you have a DSL6000 connection, this time increases to 30 minutes per gigabyte. Depending on your connection speed then, you can easily back up between 16 and 32 GB overnight, and to keep things simple, the backup system runs in the background without you having to lift a finger.

    After the first backup, HiDrive only has to back up new and changed files in order to keep itself updated.
  • What kind of internet connection do I need to use cloud storage?

    Cloud storage works with every kind of internet connection. Whether you have WiFi or LAN internet, you'll be able to carry out an online backup onto a cloud storage provider without any problems. It is good to note, however, that if you're planning to back up large video files, for example, a quicker internet connection is better. Lots of big image files will also take longer to upload, regardless of internet connection, but of course a slow connection will take longer. If you're also using the cloud storage for multiple devices at the same time, a reliable and fast internet connection will mean your cloud storage will work better.

    In short, cloud storage works with all internet connections, but your usage will determine the internet connection speed you'll require.
  • Do I need online backup if I already have a local backup?

    A local backup is at risk of being damaged by physical elements, as well as malware. Having a local backup is helpful, but it is really only a basic step in ensuring the protection of your files and data – an online file storage is an essential addition. If your property is damaged in a fire or a flood, it is likely that your PC and local backup will be damaged, meaning that your local backup will have failed to secure your files. Replacing the physical damage is expensive and time consuming – but a damaged local backup may not be able to recover your saved data. It could be lost forever.

    Data backed up using a cloud storage or online backup system such as HiDrive is not exposed to the risk of these potential hazards, because it is stored far away from your office or home in a professional data centre. This is the most significant reason to back up your data online, even if you already have a local backup – and with options to back up your data in cloud storage, you've got nothing to lose.

    Furthermore, HiDrive is highly accessible and flexible, making it one of the best cloud storage platforms. You're able to access it any time of day, from a remote location. A local backup can only be accessed where it is physically stored, and it is difficult to share this data with more than one person at a time. This is not the case with HiDrive, as you can share and access the data stored on it from anywhere with an internet connection, and sharing the files is easy.

    This does not mean that your local backup is useless, and you may have excellent reasons to keep your local backup. However, this does not mean that HiDrive would not be an excellent complement to your already established form of backups.
  • How does HiDrive secure my data?

    This is an important question – and one that HiDrive focuses its attention on. Data privacy is of utmost importance, and because of this, HiDrive offers secure data transfer through SSL256, and AES128 encrypted data storage. These measures are taken to ensure that your data is uploaded, transferred and stored to a professional level of security to add protection against cyber criminals, for example. Cloud storage is much safer than having a local backup laying in an office drawer.

    On top of this, each user has their own private folders, as well as the public folders for each user on the HiDrive package. This ensures that there is not only a high level of security in terms of the stored data, but also enough privacy for each user so they can manage their own projects and files. Furthermore, it means that each user has the potential to keep sensitive information, such as employee details in their own private folders and that files which everyone needs can be accessed by all.