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    • What is Email-Hosting?

      Put simply: unlike traditional webmail which is supported by advertising, email hosting is an ad-free service designed for small to medium-sized businesses, as well as high-use individuals who wish to set-up a more robust email service. In addition to providing users with comprehensive support, email hosting also features increased capabilities such as storage, security, and data recovery.

      The 1&1 email provider does all this, and more. We offer our customers the choice of two distinct email hosting packages designed to meet the individual needs of administrators. The Basic package has been designed for demanding email users and features 2 GB of storage, POP/IMAP retrieval, as well as 2 GB of online storage that's ideal for saving documents. The Business email hosting package is a full professional solution to online communications. In addition to everything found within the Basic package, the Business package features 50 GB storage, intuitive organizational tools such as the Calendar, Events, and Contacts tabs, as well as an expandable Team Drive capable of holding up to 2 TB of data. Plus, when you register a 1&1 MyWebsite domain, we give you the opportunity to create an email domain that matches. Just another way email hosting will change the way you communicate online.

    • How do I create an email address with 1&1?

      Using the 1&1 email hosting packages to create a new email address is easy and takes no time at all. Simply head over to the 1&1 website and click the Sign Up button to begin the registration process. First, you will have the opportunity to create your desired domain name which will provide your email address, and any subsequent website you wish to set up, with a unique and exclusive domain name that identifies you and only you. You can also register any additional domain names you wish to use in conjunction with your domain name extension. The next step to get your email hosting involves registering your personal and business details with 1&1. From here, 1&1 will take care of the rest – giving you more time to build your web presence and create a brand that truly reaches out to people. Once completed, you can access your email settings and accounts from any web browser with the 1&1 Control Panel or through our dedicated mobile app, enabling you to create your own email address at any time while you manage any associated resources or account settings. Start the registration process today and enjoy a host of powerful features with 1&1's email hosting packages.

    • Can I use IMAP with 1&1 email hosting?

      With email hosting from 1&1, each package features full IMAP support so you can easily retrieve your mail wherever you might be. IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) allows you to synchronize your email across many different devices, including your computer, smartphone and tablet. You'll enjoy maximum flexibility in your ability to answer and organize your email while you're on the move or out of the office. At the same time you have peace of mind knowing that with 1&1 email hosting all your communication is safely stored on our secure servers.Email hosting with IMAP functionality also allows companies to set up multiple email accounts for employees and encourages greater cooperation through a simplified communication system. Each user can define their own settings within their preferred IMAP program on each individual device. This gives users greater autonomy, allowing them to use personal organizational systems that they are familiar with.Finally, 1&1 email hosting provides full webmail access to complement our IMAP functionality. This means that, should you be temporarily unable to access your usual devices, with our email hosting you can still easily retrieve your emails from any available web browser – the perfect way to ensure your important emails are always accessible.

    • Is an e-mail domain included when I buy a website domain?

      Yes and the best part about it is that it's completely free of charge. Whenever you buy a website domain from 1&1, we include a personalised e-mail domain at no extra cost. One of the main advantages of a 1&1 email domain is that it gives your website an extra air of professionalism. While popular email address providers, such as Gmail or Hotmail, are adequate in their performance, they simply cannot provide you with the individualism that should go hand in hand with an established business or entity. Having a bespoke email domain affiliated to your website domain gives a credible and consistent impression to your customer base or audience.What's more, a 1&1 email domain aligns your brand with an address that works perfectly in sync with your corporate identity – from your business cards and letters, right the way through to your official homepage. This allows your professionalism to shine through in all of your correspondence and makes it easier for clients and potential customers to remember how to get in touch with you.

    • What free email hosting services do 1&1 offer?

      A free mailbox is included whenever you buy a 1&1 domain, and it comes with a wealth of unlimited email hosting features. Perfect for businesses or professional websites, our free email hosting plan enables you to create personalised e-mail addresses in line with your domain name. What's more, your ample 10 GB of email memory is complemented by 2 GB of storage space in the cloud. It's all seamlessly synced across a range of devices, meaning that you and your team can access your unlimited email hosting platform anywhere, anytime and with any Internet connection.Protectingyour data is paramount to everyone here at 1&1. That's why our free email hosting services are backed up by powerful and extensive security measures that ensure your information is safe and sound around the clock. Our state of the art data centres provide your e-mail address with some of the industry's leading security, data transfer speeds and system protection. We provide this using geo-redundant servers that save your data on separate servers in separate locations. We use SSL certified encryption for data transfers between server and client, meaning no unwanted or criminal third parties can penetrate information linked with your e-mail addresses. In simple terms, once you have created a username and password for your e-mail address, you are the only person with access to your data. Unlimited email hosting from 1&1 is one of the safest and smartest options on the market.

    • What's the difference between 1&1 business email hosting and personal email hosting?

      1&1 offers two e-mail hosting solutions which cater to a range of needs. Our Basic package is ideal for anyone looking for personal email hosting and a standard email management service. The Basic deal gets you 20 mailboxes with 2 GB of storage for each email address you create, along with 2 GB of online storage space. It also helps you stay organised, thanks to clever features for individual users such as the Calendar, Events, Contacts and Tasks tools. With additional email POP/IMAP retrieval, our personal email hosting package is one of the best email solutions for individual users on the market.The 1&1 Business package is our business email hosting solution, and it comes packed with features that will keep your business email running smoothly. It is tailored for businesses and you can grab up to 50 mailboxes. A new feature of the 1&1 business email hosting plan is the whopping 50 GB of storage space we give you for each email address, on top of the 2 GB of online storage which you can use to save and share documents.
      We developed the package with businesses in mind, which is why it's brimming with tools your whole team can enjoy, like collaborative team use of organisational features such as the Calendar, Events, Contacts and Tasks tools. The business email hosting further streamlines your teamwork thanks to the 2 GB Team Drive with added permission management. What's more, the Team Drive can be expanded to 2 TB at any time, meaning your email capacity can keep up with your business as it grows.With our business email hosting plan you can rest easy in the knowledge that we've designed it to include maximum security for your email communications. This is all thanks to the 1&1 virus protection and spam filter, which both come with the business email hosting package.