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  • 1&1 Mail Business



    • NEW: 50 GB storage space per e-mail address
    • Completely ad-free
    • Real-time ActiveSync data synchronisation
    • NEW: Online document management functionality
    • Collaborative team use: Calendar + Events + Contacts + Tasks
    • E-mail POP/IMAP retrieval
    • Maximum security for your communication
    • 2 GB of online storage for saving documents
    • 2 GB Team Drive with permission management for greater teamwork. Expandable up to 2 TB!
    • Alias functionality allows for up to five different addresses per user.
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  • 1&1 Mail Basic



    • 2 GB storage space per e-mail address
    • Completely ad-free
    • E-mail POP/IMAP retrieval
    • 2 GB of online storage for saving documents

Multiple advantages with 1&1 Mail

FAQs Frequently asked questions about the topic:

Create an email address with 1&1 Mail solutions

  • How do I create an email address with 1&1?

    Setting up a personal or professional email address with the 1&1 Mail Basic and Mail Business packages is quick and easy. Just click Sign Up on the 1&1 website, and we'll guide you through the rest of the process. You'll be able to secure your desired domain name and choose any additional domains you may wish to include within your package. All costs are clearly displayed so you'll know exactly what you have to pay. Finally, after you've ordered your package, you'll be asked to create a 1&1 account that will be associated with your 1&1 personal or professional email address.

    Once you've completed the registration process, you'll have full access to the 1&1 Control Panel. From here, you'll be able to create your own email address mailboxes and manage them from one convenient, central location. What's more, with both browser based and mobile device based access, you'll benefit from unparalleled management of your e-mail addresses and any other associated features or services. Register today to enjoy the very best e-mail hosting from 1&1.

  • If I set up an email address with 1&1 Mail Business, what professional features can I expect?

    1&1 Mail Business includes many professional features that aren't available with a standard free e-mail account. When you make an email address with 1&1 Mail Business, you'll have up to 5 individual mailboxes with a generous 50 GB of storage space. You'll also have powerful security features such as anti-virus and anti-spam software as standard. This ensures that your email address and your data are secure at all times. Other useful features found within your package include an auto responder and email forwarding.

    When you create a new email address using 1&1 Mail Business, you'll have access to powerful features found within Open-Xchange. You'll be able to use any existing email addresses alongside your new 1&1 email address - with the advantage of being able to view all of your emails in the same place. Finally, with the option of syncing all of your data automatically with ActiveSync, alongside a 2 GB TeamDrive as standard, you'll find that collaborative team work is easier than ever - the simplest way to increase productivity and workflow.

  • Is a 1&1 email address suitable for everyone?

    1&1 Mail Basic and Mail Business are suitable for a wide range of applications and are particularly effective for personal users and small businesses. Boasting a winning combination of great value and professional features, you'll have the tools to create email addresses for individual employees or departments, alongside the option to manage multiple mailboxes from a central administration point. These features help you to manage professional email solutions efficiently in your home or office.

    Each email mailbox comes with 2 GB of online storage space for your important data. Creating an email address is simple and 1&1 includes powerful MySQL software with our Mail Basic and Mail Business packages to help you manage large data sets for even greater control of your email addresses. Alongside this, users new to web building can take advantage of 1&1 Website Builder to create attractive and functional websites with just a few simple clicks – the easiest way to start building an enduring web presence from scratch.

  • Can I link my email address to a website?

    Once you've chosen your desired domain name and set up your email address with 1&1 Mail Basic or Mail Business, you'll also be able to create a new website with your new domain name, an effective web presence to attract customers and visitors. With 1&1 Website Builder, you'll have a professional looking website without needing any knowledge of website programming or design. 1&1's simple drag & drop interface allows you to create a website in just a few clicks.

    Maintenance and administration is managed through the 1&1 Control Panel which allows full access to your email address preferences alongside efficient organisation of the data associated with your new website. Finally, with 1&1 Online Storage, you'll have global access to 2 GB of storage space through your favourite web browser – all the tools you need to build fantastic websites linked with your email address.

  • How secure is my data when I get an email address with 1&1 Mail Basic & Mail Business?

    1&1 takes the safety and security of your data extremely seriously. Thanks to our state of the art data centres, when you create new email addresses with 1&1 Mail Basic and Mail Business, you'll receive the fastest speeds, reliability and system protection in the industry. What's more, with geo-redundant servers, your data is always backed up on two separate servers in geographically independent locations.

    1&1 employs full SSL-certified encryption to ensure that no third party can access your data and, once you've set your user name and password, you'll have exclusive access to your email addresses and other services. Finally, all of 1&1's anti-virus and anti-spam software is updated regularly to ensure you are always protected from Trojans, spyware and other malware. Sign up for a 1&1 Mail Basic or Mail Business package today and create a new email address that provides you with the very best professional tools in the industry.

  • 1

    1&1 Basic Mail (1 mailbox): £0.99/month. Billing cycle 1 month. Minimum contract term 1 month. No setup fee.

  • 2

    1&1 Mail Business:
    1–4 mailboxes: £4.99/month per mailbox
    5 or more mailboxes: £2.99/month per mailbox
    10 or more mailboxes: £2.49/month per mailbox
    25 or more mailboxes: £1.99/month per mailbox
    30 day money back guarantee.
    Billing cycle 1 month. Minimum contract term 1 month. No setup fee.

  • 3

    1&1 Basic Mail (20 mailboxes): £1.99/month. Billing cycle 1 month. Minimum contract term 1 month. No setup fee.

For1, 2, 3the following conditions apply:

In order to access the mail package, you will need a registered domain. This is not included in the monthly price. Prices will vary based on the selected domain extension.