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.CO.UK – Highlight your place in the British market

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A domain at 1&1 includes the following features, free of charge.

Privacy Protection – Usually, when registering a domain, your name and address will be made public by registrars. With privacy protection enabled, 1&1 will act as your surrogate.

Huge Mailbox – No one tidies up their email, so why should you? Get a vast 2 GB of mailbox space, and a professional Webmailer.

SSL Certificate – Build trust with your visitors and rank higher in search engines by linking your domain with an SSL certificate. Actually, we'll do that for you with the push of a button.

Advanced Configuration – Up to 10,000 subdomains, fine-grained DNS options, and more – 1&1 Control Panel makes advanced domain configuration easy.

24/7 Customer Support – Our professional, knowledgeable support team is always available for help and advice, 24/7. And we're friendly, too.

Position your business website on the web with a domain is the specific country domain for Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Show your presence in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland with your own ending and increase the trust in your brand.

Why should I register my own domain?

First of all, the domain is a country-coded address for the United Kingdom. Why should you choose to register a domain over any other domain extension? The answer is simple! You can show your origins by identifying your website with a domain extension.

Let your website visitors or customers know where you are from. As a foreign company, you can also use the domain to promote and display your business presence in the UK. The domain can also be a great alternative to other TLDs in cases where they are already taken. With over 10 million registered users, you'll be joining a large group of satisfied website owners!

Which domain better suits my needs - .com or

The .com domain is the most commonly used domain extension worldwide (with more than 118 million registered domains). The domain name ".com" originates from the word "commercial" and its original purpose was to be used by commercial organisations. But by opening it up for unrestricted registrations, this initial distinction got lost.

Today, a lot of websites with no commercial background own a .com domain, so new website owners have to ask themselves, which domain is better for a new website - .com or The answer is simple: "it depends on the purpose of your website". If your main target audience is located in the UK, then a ending is a great choice.

This domain extension underlines the local orientation of the content of your site. However, a .com domain has a greater acceptance worldwide and is a great choice if your content addresses an audience outside the borders of the United Kingdom. The best way to satisfy all of your website visitors is to buy a .com and a domain. Both domains can point to your website simultaneously and 1&1 offers great prices for both domain extensions.

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  • Can I host my domain with 1&1?

    Registering your domain takes a few seconds. If you don't already have an existing domain name you wish to use, you´re free to come with one for your extension. The 1&1 domain registration tool can also help you find a suitable domain name by suggesting variations of your domain name searches. Choose which domain name you desire and click register. That's it! If you choose to have 1&1 host your domain and website, you can choose one of the many packages offered directly after having registered your domain. Don't be disappointed by other domain registrars - do it right and register your domain with 1&1!
  • Where can I buy a domain?

    1&1 is one of the world's largest web hosting companies and offers you cheap prices for the registration of a domain. If you are interested in buying a domain, insert your desired domain name into our domainchecker at the top of this page. If the domaine name is available, you can immediately buy your own domain. If someone else has already registered this domain name, you will receive a list of recommended domain extensions instead.
  • Can I transfer an existing domain to 1&1 from my current provider?

    Yes. Transferring an existing domain to 1&1 is simple. In contrast to domains like .com, .org or .info, UK domains ( or do not require authorisation codes. Instead, they use IPS tags, which were implemented by the UK registry (Nominet) in order to control domain name transfers. There is a step by step instruction on our help center for transferring your domain to 1&1. First you have to choose the option "Transfer domain from another provider" within the 1&1 Control Panel. Then you have to insert your domain name und click on the button "transfer domain". In the next step, you will need to contact the company where your domain is currently registered and have the domain's IPS tag changed to "SCHLUND". Now, the transfer process can be initiated.