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When creating an effective strategy for marketing a business, choosing a relevant nTLD is essential. If you're a business or organization based in the UK, then a domain is the traditional choice. However, there are popular alternatives available, such as a .uk domain, that are both professional and affordable. Alternatively, if your business operates in a single location, localizing your business with a .london or .city domain is also a great way to quickly connect with your audience and increase your visibility online.
FAQs - Frequently asked questions:

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  • What is an nTLD and how is it different from a TLD?

    A TLD, often known as a domain extension, stands for top-level domain. This is found at the far right side of a web address. Popular examples of TLDs include .com, and .net. By contrast, nTLD stands for new top-level domain. With .com being the most popular, the choice of domain names has become increasingly limited, with the most desirable domains often being the most expensive. New top-level domains were created to provide greater access to choice web addresses by increasing the possibilities and reducing the price for consumers. nTLDs enable people to choose domains based on their geographic location, such as country or .city domains, and even allow website owners to choose a domain that relates directly to their field of business or area of interest. So, in addition to providing an affordable and flexible solution to website owners, it also means that internet users are able to tell what type of website it is—before they've even entered.
  • What nTLDs does 1&1 offer?

    Under the current process, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has estimated that up to one thousand nTLDs can be added to the official database each year. This means that the list of nTLDs is growing all the time, bringing greater flexibility and customized branding possibilities to website owners everywhere.

    At 1&1, we provide full access to a range of nTLDs that have come on the market. This means that whatever type of business or organization you run, you'll be able to find a domain that matches it. Whether you're looking to speak to your city with a .london domain, your country with a .uk domain, or even the world with a .global domain—the comprehensive range of nTLDs from 1&1 will ensure your message reaches your target audience. You can discover the full range of nTLDs available using our advanced nTLD search feature.
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