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Start selling online!

Keep your customers coming back

Take advantage of professional marketing tools and timely distribution platforms in order to attract customers and retain.
Recent statistics also help you to optimize your website continuously.


Increase your presence

With a 1&1 eShop, you'll be seen by Internet users as an independent, professional and trustworthy online retailer. The integrated search engine optimisation feature ensures that customers will find you easily on search engines.

Win new customers

Take advantage of the many possibilities to market your website and your products online, and win new customers today!


Get a higher ranking

Make sure you get a top search engine ranking with SEO Cockpit, the integrated search engine optimisation tool for 1&1 eShops. SEO Cockpit makes it easy to optimise your eShop and be found where your customers are looking.



Create your own Facebook shop and offer products on your 1&1 eShop and on the largest social network in the world.


Amazon and eBay

To market your products quickly and effectively, you can offer your products on popular platforms such as Amazon and eBay. With a few clicks you can add individual items or your entire product range to major marketplaces and price comparison websites, helping you to reach an audience of millions, and increase your sales.

Keep your customers

Target your regular customer with offers and promotions.
Your 1&1 eShop makes this easy with the 1&1 Newsletter Tool!


Keep your customers up-to-date

The larger your customer database, the faster you can spread your promotions and offers. Newsletters help to motivate your existing customers into coming back on a regular basis, by highlighting your latest offers and products. The number of people who subscribe to your newsletter and the amount of newsletters which are opened, can help to indicate the level of interest in your products.


A nice surprise

Offer discounts and promotions to increase your sales. You can offer price discounts, percentage discounts or free delivery. Add vouchers to your newsletters and send to your whole customer database.

Measure your success

Find out how many people are visiting your 1&1 eShop with 1&1 SiteAnalytics.
See what they like best about your eShop, and adapt it accordingly!


Measure your success

Analyse the levels of traffic and the behaviour of your eShop visitors easily with eTracker or Google Analytics. Optimise your website by customising your content based on what you know your customers find most interesting. This will increase your sales.


1&1 eShop Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want my eCommerce website to reach the world, can 1&1 help me with lead generation?

    There are a number of ways in which 1&1 can help your new eBusiness with lead generation and online marketing. For instance, when you register for your own domain with 1&1 you have the opportunity to create a unique and search engine friendly web presence that will favourably reflect your online brand. 1&1 recognise that, with the market saturated and the ideal .com and domain names taken, new online stores may struggle to create a distinct online identity. However, with a host of new top-level domains offered by 1&1, you can create for yourself a snappy and memorable web address that catches the eye and clearly shows what your company does.

    Also available in the top three eCommerce packages offered by 1&1 is the powerful SEO Cockpit which makes search engine optimisation simple and transparent. With this powerful tool you will be able to optimise your store to appear higher in search engine rankings when associated key words are entered. Alongside this, 1&1 customers also enjoy automatic cross selling tools that enable you to direct your products to the right people and draw in new customers as you perfect your online marketing strategy.

  • Can 1&1's online marketing help me retain customers once they have shopped in my eCommerce store?

    Partnered with successful lead generation, retaining customers who have previously used your store is also one of the most important aspects of long term success. There are a number of tools offered by 1&1 that will help you to achieve this. Email marketing is a powerful and effective tool in customer retention, helping you to reach out personally to any number of customers with newsletters, special offers, cross selling offers and other important information. Lead generation and subsequent retention can also be improved with the implementation of loyalty vouchers, discount codes and a helpful knowledge base or FAQ section that will allow return customers to quickly find the answers they need. Coupled with a sophisticated email marketing campaign these tools can help your customer base grow and your revenues rise.

    All 1&1 eCommerce packages offer you the option of creating customer groups with categories such as first time buyers, repeat users, etc. Our Basic, Plus and Unlimited packages enable you to use those groups to target customers with specific offers. This level of control and customisability will allow you to create an intelligent email marketing strategy that will afford you the greatest chance of customer retention.

    Included in the 1&1 eShop Unlimited package is the RSS feeds option which will allow you to create a comprehensive knowledge base surrounding your products. This is another fantastic method of retaining customers, giving them useful information, news and how-to guides to compliment your business whilst giving your customers something of value.

  • I already use social media for online marketing, will I still be able to do this?

    Social media channels are a fantastic way to generate new customers and improve your online advertising with minimal cost. If you are already using social media to promote your business then you will be aware of just how powerful a tool it can be. 1&1 recognise that many customers use these popular mediums as starting blocks to create interest in their products. In response to this 1&1 have implemented a number of powerful tools to help you incorporate and optimise the use of social media within your online advertising campaigns.

    Including familiar elements, such as integrated share, like and tell-a-friend buttons that allow customers to highlight both your individual products and also your shop as a whole, 1&1 also offer a fully linked “Facebook shop” that allows all of your products to be displayed on a dedicated Facebook page.

    Facebook support from 1&1 integrates seamlessly with your current Facebook profile allowing you to work with your existing customer base alongside your new store. You will also be able to use email marketing to attract your Facebook friends to your new store with exclusive offers and loyalty schemes to reward their continued support of your eCommerce business.

  • How else can 1&1 help me with my online advertising?

    1&1 also offer support with lead generation and online marketing for your eCommerce website in many other ways. Included with all of 1&1's eCommerce packages is support for, Shopzilla and Twenga – giving your store the opportunity to feature in some of the major price comparison and product review sites on the web. Further support for prices comparison sites and other marketplaces are included in 1&1's eShop Basic, eShop Plus and eShop Unlimited packages - allowing your products to reach far and wide. With these top tier packages your online marketing will benefit from inclusion in Become, Kelkoo and also Google Shopping giving greater transparency to your pricing whilst also promoting complimentary products. Alongside these price comparison engines is support for both eBay and Amazon marketplaces giving you the option of retailing your products directly through these large online portals. 1&1's universal interface, that allows fully customisable exports of your products, is also included in the 1&1 eShop Unlimited package. This allows you to take advantage of any other product portals that the web has to offer, in a simple and effective way; boosting your online advertising and giving your products greater exposure across the world.