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1&1 SEO Pro
From £9.99/month1excl. 20% VAT
  • Step-by-step instructions to optimise the content of your website
  • Always feature at the top of search engine results

Over 50% of all online purchases…

...are based on search engine results. No wonder so many businesses are investing in SEO for online success!

SEO made easy
  • With 1&1 SEO Pro you can become an expert in no time and optimise your website for your online success.
  • Simply enter the name of your company, your industry and the desired location in which you wish to advertise, and you'll get relevant and tailored keywords to use in your site content
  • Just like spell checking, you can optimise your website with just a few clicks
Automatic keyword suggestions
Automatic keyword suggestions
In order to identify the relevant keywords to suit your products or services, you'll be asked to enter a few details about your company, your industry and your desired marketing reach.

Once we have this information, the keywords that should be used in your website content will be suggested automatically.
Easily update your content
Easily update your content
The SEO tool analyses your website content step-by-step, to check whether suggested keywords have already been implemented and whether headline and text length is appropriate.

Similar to spell check functionality, you'll receive express guidance on how to improve your content. As you proceed through the optimisation process, each suggested change will be displayed for you to review.

Then, just copy and paste the optimised content into your website and save the changes.
Link suggestions
Link suggestions
Links to external websites can significantly increase the authority of your website and achieve a better search engine position.

1&1 SEO Pro includes a function that you allows you to link to the Google Maps listing of your website.

So you'll not only benefit from a Google Maps entry, but you'll also gain relevant external links to improve your search engine ranking.
Search engine listing
Search engine listing
1&1 SEO Pro not only optimises your website content but also your text entry in search engine results.

You can determine how the title and brief description should appear and include relevant keywords.

And with a preview function, you're also able to view the result before it's published online.
Competition monitoring
Competition monitoring
Do you want to see how your search engine position compares against your competitors?

With 1&1 SEO Pro, you can directly compare the position of your search engine listing against your two strongest competitors.

You can run this comparison before you optimise your site and then track the impact of your changes.
Statistics and analysis
Statistics and analysis
All of your key metrics are made available through clear statistics.

This includes both the search position of your company based on keyword search terms, and a direct comparison with your competitors.

The number of backlinks to your website, i.e. links from other websites to your own, are also displayed daily.
Reduce advertising costs
Reduce advertising costs
You can enjoy immediate success without long lead-time, with targeted Google Ads and a supporting marketing budget.

1&1 SEO Pro is the perfect tool for advertising on Google and it also allows you to reduce your spending with Google in the long-term.
"1&1 offer more than technology. Our aim is to help you achieve online success."

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Contact us now

Silvio Schimke1&1 Online Marketing Expert
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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the topic:

How to improve my Google ranking

  • What various factors are used to improve my Google ranking?

    Google optimization is referred to by industry experts as search engine optimization (SEO). When looking at how to rank higher on Google, the most important factors to consider are the content of your website (text, images, etc.), backlinks—links on other websites that lead to your website—and the snippet. The snippet refers to the four-line entry which appears on the Google search results page. It is made up of the blue title, a green link and two lines of text which serve as the site description. You should write the title and site description yourself according to SEO standards. Otherwise, Google will automatically create the snippet using text from your website—meaning, for the site description, Google would simply display the first line of text from the relevant webpage. In leaving Google to determine the site description, you are giving away a crucial opportunity to improve SEO and increase your search engine ranking. It is essential that internet users are able to see from the entry title and description which products or services are behind the search result.

    Backlinks refers to links on other websites which lead to your company page. Google counts these as recommendations for your site from third parties. If several such recommendations accrue, the reward is a higher website ranking. In order to get the most out of Google optimization, you should take the building up of backlinks into consideration. Use your contacts and pay attention to the credibility of the link giving pages. If backlinks have obviously been paid for or come from dubious websites, Google will decrease the ranking of your website. Alongside these factors, there are also some technical website requirements which help to improve your Google ranking, such as fast loading time, for example. Choose webhosting with 1&1 and we'll take care of the optimization of these elements for you.
  • How can the text and content of my website help to improve my Google ranking?

    Google always strives to give users the best possible search results. The company works diligently to distinguish high-quality websites from those which are untrustworthy or not as rich in content. With 1&1 Hosting and the associated website and shop solutions, you are on the safe side from the very beginning. Websites hosted with us have the best possible load time, and the page layout makes it easy to optimize for Google. We cannot create the texts for your products and services, however, we want to support you to write text that will help to improve search engine rankings.

    That's why we created a text optimization tool which can be used by every SEO beginner. When it comes to understanding how to improve Google rankings, the most crucial component is the logical distribution of the keyword—the term that your target group uses to search Google—as well as its synonyms. For example, if you sell natural cosmetics, this is the keyword that must appear several times in your text. SEO experts consider optimal keyword weight to be 2-4% of the entire text. Our tool analyzes your texts and shows you which search terms would bring up the corresponding page on Google. This enables you to quickly and easily identify the keyword to which you can adapt the rest of your website text. The content of your text also affects your Google ranking: gear your text towards the needs of your readers and potential customers, offer useful information, purchasing advice, or whatever fits your website to help you get found online that much easier.
  • How much does Google optimization cost?

    Google optimization is included in the competitive monthly price of 1&1 SEO Spotlight. The tool has been designed so simply that you will quickly get your bearings. What's more, it focuses only on the most important SEO measures that are known to increase search engine ranking. These include text optimization, snippet optimization (optimization of the search result entry) and the building of backlinks.

    There are SEO tools (both free and paid for) which anyone can use to optimize their website themselves. The most well-known are SISTRIX, Searchmetrics or SEOlytics. Majestic SEO or Ahrefs, and they're used specifically for backlink analysis. However, these tools are not so easy for SEO beginners. As a practical and affordable alternative for inexperienced web operators, we suggest Google optimization via our SEO tool. For one, it should noticeably improve your Google ranking. Furthermore, you save on the time that would be needed for training if you were to use a more extensive SEO tool—not to mention the money you save in comparison to paying an SEO agency.

    You can save even more with the 1&1 Marketing Essentials: along with 1&1 SEO Spotlight, which can be used to work on your website in order to improve your Google ranking, the savings package offers further tools which help to expand the reach of your website:
    1&1 Search Engine Marketing, 1&1 E-Mail Marketing Manager and 1&1 List Local. Of course, the tools can also be bought individually.