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Digital Employee File

All your employee
data at a glance

It's so easy to stay organised when all your employee data is well-structured and available at the push of a button. HR document management software that makes your life simpler.
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Simplify your employee management with HR document management software

Employee data
Less paper
Always up to date
All employee data is stored in a central database and is always available. Save, find, and manage all your employees' details in one place.

Using digital employee files saves a lot of paper and needs less space than traditional HR documentation.

Never forget your employees' birthdays or other important dates like work anniversaries by having them all saved in a single HR document management system.

Quick and easy to edit
Self service
Available anywhere
Digital employee files can be updated quickly and easily, either by you or your employees themselves. Updating personal details can be done with just a few clicks.
Save time by empowering your employees to edit their own personal information (e.g. address). Access and rights management can also be adjusted individually within the HR document management system.
Electronic personnel files are available anytime, anywhere. Whether on a desktop or a mobile device, your HR document management software is always available to you.
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Optimize Your HR Document Management

Comprehensive document management
Precise rights management
Security and accessibility

Create comprehensive digital employee files

Take advantage of a holistic HR management package designed to streamline and optimize your working processes. The built-in digital employee file tool enables you to create a comprehensive record for individual employees. The information contained in each employee profile is entirely up to you, so you can tailor them to include the most relevant data for your needs. Alongside universally essential details such as contract status and contact information, you can collate additional attributes like skillsets or training and education history into one convenient digital employee file.

Conducting your HR document management digitally is far more efficient and convenient than traditional record-keeping with physical documents or spreadsheets. For instance, the employee record software is accessible from any location and at any time, meaning HR managers always have easy access to important personnel details at a glance. As well as viewing employee profiles individually, you can gain a holistic view of your workforce with the employee overview, shown in tabular or organigram format. Plus, you can quickly and easily update employee information and share profiles with others, such as tax advisors, saving you valuable time and effort. Say goodbye to excessive red tape and complicated Excel charts, with HR document management software.