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Competition in the hospitality industry is tough and staying on top is an on-going challenge. Creating an online presence and investing in online marketing is becoming increasingly prevalent with today's technology advances and consumer changes. 1&1 now gives you an advantage by allowing you to pre-register for great new hotel domain extensions that best describe your hotel or establishment, including .hotel or .cafe. Current possibilities like www.manor.hotel are clearer and easier for guests to remember than as unnecessary dashes and characters are excluded. Take a look for yourself to see what extensions are available to help you remain competitive.
Let 1&1 add professionalism to your brand image when buying your .hotel domain
New extensions for top-level domains on 1&1 make it possible to pre-reserve great domains which define your website and easily increase your brand image. Also discover website traffic to have a stronger interest as your business is clearly defined in your URL. With so many current opportunities available like .hotel or .restaurant, you can find an option relevant to you. Examples like display a much stronger branding message than previous possibilities like, as URLs are clearer and more professional for potential customers. 1&1 will also keep you informed with relevant and new information regarding the release of new domain extensions.
FAQs - Frequently asked questions:

.hotel domain

  • Who should register a .hotel domain?

    Do you find it difficult to distinguish yourself online from the rest of the crowd? For hoteliers, pre-registering at 1&1 for a new .hotel top-level domain extension can have an impact on your recognition by users in the search results, as your website URL will strongly define your business and virtually do the marketing for you. These new domain extensions are not only beneficial for hotels with the .hotel option either. Cafés and pubs can also find relevant options for them at 1&1 with .cafe and .pub or .bar or .wine. Create a concise and high-impact URL that clearly explains your establishment in an instant like or
  • How can I register a new .hotel domain with 1&1?

    With a step-by-step and stress-free process to grab your exciting domain, you can experience the benefits of being at the forefront of online marketing trends. Use the domain checker to find out if your preferred domain name is still available in combination with your .hotel domain ending. Enter your domain name and click on the "check" button. Eventually, you will be shown all combinations of your domain name and the relevant telling top-level domains. Simply choose the ending which suits your intention best and pre-order your personal domain with 1&1.Do you have questions on how to pre-register a .hotel domain or are you unsure of the terms and conditions of your contract? 1&1 has a 24/7 call centre, where an experienced team of professionals can quickly answer your query.
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