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Shift Planning

Digital shift
planning for maximised efficiency

Employee scheduling goes digital: efficient resource planning with an employee scheduling software. It's so easy to stay organised when all of your employee data is well-structured and always available at the push of a button. HR document management software that makes life simpler.
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Simplify your employee management with HR document management software
Work plans
Resource planning
Create and adjust work plans according to your employees' availability based on information in the resource scheduling software.

Efficiently manage your staff based on current projects, needs, and availability.

Using a resource planning tool helps you to earlier detect when additional staff will be needed for special projects or events.

Shift change
Communicate and share
Available anywhere
A resource planning software handles changes to work hours and availability with just a few clicks.
Announce and share new work plans with all your employees using an online employee scheduling software.
The resource planning software is available anywhere at any time. Accessible either by desktop or on a mobile device, all plans and changes are handled and stored in one resource planning tool.
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Digitize Shift Planning with Employee Scheduling Software

Employee scheduling made easy
Make last minute changes
Benefits at a Glance

Make light work of employee scheduling

For all types of businesses, both small and medium, working in a variety of industries, shift planning can be one of the most tedious tasks that usually consumes an unnecessarily large portion of employers' time and energy. By integrating a resource scheduling software into your business and thereby automating one of your most time-consuming tasks, you will have a lot more time and energy to focus on other more important areas of your business. The employee scheduling software provides a digital resource planning solution to manage the shift planning process – making excessive amounts of complicated spreadsheets and unnecessary printing a thing of the past! The resource planning software is especially useful for companies with very sporadic or varying schedules and businesses with a number of full-time, part-time or working student positions. To avoid any complications or miscommunication, a clear and concise resource planning tool is required. The easy-to-use interface reduces the cause for any potential confusion on the employee or the employer's behalf. Employers can assign shifts in no time, while employees have a clear overview of their upcoming work schedule.