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Sell successfully online
From £4.99/month1excl. 20% VAT
  • Get your professional 1&1 eShop online with just a few clicks
  • Integrate price comparison sites
  • Retain customers with newsletters and Facebook integration
  • Domain and e-mail included

Payments made easy

The most popular payment methods are integrated into your website, including both national and international platforms.

Payment methods
With 1&1 eShop you can offer your customers a variety of different payment options. Popular methods such as payment on account, in advance, or with PayPal, can all be integrated with just a few clicks.

Shipping made easy

The most popular delivery methods are integrated into your website, including both national and international couriers.

Shipping methods
1&1 eShops allows you to set up any desired shipping method and with Shippo, you can easily integrate various shipping carriers while saving money on your delivery. From postal calculation to delivery tracking, everything is included to give your customers the best possible service.
FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the topic

Ecommerce website design

  • I want to create an online store that really appeals to my customers, can 1&1 help me?

    Great eCommerce website design is extremely important in the highly competitive eCommerce market - sometimes meaning the difference between a customer shopping with you or with a rival. Thankfully, with 1&1, creating an attractive and easy to use online store is relatively simple. By combining eCommerce templates and 1&1's exclusive Design Assistant, you can enjoy great design with just a push of a button or click of a mouse.

    Create online stores that promote your products in the manner they deserve by adding detailed images that can be browsed in list view or detail view. Set individual images for each product that are automatically resized when you upload them and include additional views and perspectives for each product that will help boost your sales.

    With 1&1's eCommerce website design you can also ensure your site matches your current logo and other business livery – helping you to build brand trust with both new and existing customers. Choose from a range of colour schemes and layouts that truly reflect who you are and what you do whilst streamlining the transition from real-world to digital store front with 1&1's powerful eCommerce web design.
  • How do the eCommerce templates and the 1&1 Design Assistant actually work?

    With 1&1's Design Assistant you have a comprehensive and powerful set of design tools at your disposal that will allow you to create a website without the need for a degree in graphic design. This means that with just a few intuitive steps guided by 1&1, you too can have the eCommerce web design of your dreams. By using the simple drag and drop interface combined with more advanced HTML elements, you can create a powerful, dynamic and appealing online store with maximum impact for the minimum effort.

    Simply choose one of 1&1's beautifully designed eCommerce templates on which to base your store upon and then create a store that is suitable for your needs from there. Customise your titles and descriptions with a selection of effective fonts, add energy to your site with a range of different colour palettes and update the style of your eCommerce website design to compliment and promote your products in their best light. Once you have come up with a design you can preview how it will look in real-time and, if you are happy, simply click your mouse and you will have created your first online store that is both attractive and functional.
  • I want my customers to shop whilst on the move; can 1&1 optimise my site for smartphones?

    Since the introduction of smartphones and tablet PCs, the world of eCommerce has altered significantly and the popularity of the devices has called for a wholesale rethink of how the Internet is presented. Customers are no longer tied to their desks whilst shopping online and many like to browse products and place orders whilst on the move. Thankfully, 1&1 offer you the option of optimising your online store to be used wherever your customers may be – which means your eCommerce website design will look fantastic on whatever device it is viewed on.

    The process is called responsive web design and it is currently at the forefront of the graphic design industry. However, with eCommerce web design from 1&1, you don't need to be an expert graphic designer to take advantage of this fantastic technology. Create a website that functions perfectly on any device with 1&1's powerful Design Assistant without having to spend long hours altering HTML code or rearranging graphics and product descriptions. When you sign up for an eCommmerce package from 1&1 you can rest assured that your eCommerce website design will be compatible with the most popular hand held devices on the market, helping you to maximise your selling potential.
  • As I learn more, can I improve on my original eCommerce website design?

    The great thing about eCommerce web design with 1&1 is its adaptability and versatility. As you become more familiar with the Design Assistant and eCommerce in general, you can update and improve your site to suit your particular tastes. Once you have outgrown the 1&1 eCommerce templates, you can begin to add HTML elements or move on to fully fledged HTML designs that will allow you to create a dynamic and attractive online store that your customers will return to again and again.

    You don't need to be a programming genius to create an online store but, as you become more aware of how your customers use your site and how 1&1's simple management system allows you to track popular items, you can begin to modify your eCommerce website design to ensure it is running at an optimal level. Thankfully, with the 1&1 Design Assistant, any changes you make further down the line are as easy as when you began and, with the automatically created sitemap feature, you'll never lose the overall structure of your website – allowing both customers and search engines to navigate quickly and efficiently.