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downloading smartphone apps with a qr code

Downloads Apps with QR Code on 1&1

  • Apps for registering domains and managing your web server
  • Check the availability of your website on the run
  • Easily download the apps from

Use the QR code to download Apps from

mobile apps for registering domains

Apps for registering domains and managing your web server

The 1&1 smartphone apps enable you to manage everything on the move. From server management to domain registration, the 1&1 mobile apps make it possible. If you’re hosting domains with 1&1 and rely on your websites to always up and running, how can you ensure that they really are available to the online community? Use the 1&1 Server Monitoring App! It lets you check the availability of your website and gives you the performance statistics of your server. Check all of this via your smartphone or tablet. You can even adjust the settings so that you receive an automatic notification when any server status changes. What if you weren’t at home and think of a brilliant domain name? Check its availability with the 1&1 Domain Registration App. If it’s available, you can register it directly on your mobile device!
qr code information storage

What exactly is a QR code?

A QR code is a 2D quadratic barcode, which you can scan with your smartphone or tablet. The QR code doesn’t look like a conventional barcode you would find on store products, but it rather resembles a matrix form in order to withhold informational content. It was originally designed for the Japanese automotive industry. Because a QR code can store larger amounts of information, it has been used as a marketing tool on product and to download items onto your mobile devices. Scanning the QR code is done with the camera on your mobile device and then an external app that is free to download decrypts the message. A QR code leads directly to information like a website or a download link. Products and advertisements use this to inform customers of their products and what they are advertising. Scanning the QR code of a product leads you to informational website about the product or any type of special offers.

downloading 1&1 mobile apps

How can I download the 1&1 mobile apps?

You can download the 1&1 mobile apps directly at by scanning in the QR code of the app you want to download. Scanning the QR code will lead you to the download link for the respective app. To decrypt the QR code, you need to ensure that you have an QR code reader app on your mobile device. If you don’t, you can get it for free. This QR code reader app activates your camera, scans, and decrypts the code for you within seconds. The decryption will reveal a link where the app can be downloaded.

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