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Check domain availability with 1&1


Frequently asked questions about domaincheck

  • How can the 1&1 domain checker help me find the perfect domain ?

    Choosing the perfect domain name for your website is among the most important steps you will take when creating your own online presence. To be successful, your site needs to grab the attention of potential visitors. Selecting a memorable domain name is among the most simple and effective ways of doing just that. In fact, much of your online branding and marketing will revolve around an effective domain name, helping you to shape your company or organisation in the eyes of potential users. However, with a seemingly limitless choice of TLDs on offer, and many of the most popular already taken, it can sometimes be difficult to land a domain name that really speaks to your visitors and customers. Thankfully, with the 1&1 domain checker, you can quickly and efficiently check the availability of any domain name that is appropriate to your particular site. All you need to do is enter your desired name into our advanced search engine and click the search button to begin an instant domaincheck. Once you have completed this first step, 1&1 will display all of the domain names that are available to purchase, giving you a comprehensive selection of TLDs to choose from.

  • What kind of names will the 1&1 domain check offer ?

    As technology has improved and the Internet has expanded, so have the millions of websites that have come to populate the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, this means that many of the most popular .com and TLDs have already been snapped up by tech-savvy entrepreneurs and large corporations. Of course, you can still get your hands on one of these names as long as your site domain is unique enough. However, if you are constrained by name choices, 1&1 offers a huge range of alternative TLDs that give you a greater flexibility when it comes to your final selection. If your desired domain name is no longer available, the 1&1 checker will display a list of alternative TLDs for you to consider. In addition to an increase in availability, many of these TLDs are tailor made for specific businesses and sites. For instance, a .buzz TLD is perfect for emerging businesses looking to go viral, a .support TLD will help your customers access tech-support at the click of a mouse, whilst a .clothing TLD will have aspiring fashionistas clamouring for entrance to your virtual shop front. Therefore the alternative domain names that the 1&1 checker can generate for you may in actual fact serve your website better than your original idea. The checker will also display geo-specific TLDs enabling you to offer local or national services or define your new web venture by a specific location. Whilst many of the popular names have already been taken, there are other options such as or simply .uk available through our domain checker.

  • What should I do once I've chosen my perfect domain name through the 1&1 domain check ?

    Once you've found the perfect domain name with our domain checker, the registration process is quick and simple – giving you more time to concentrate on building a fantastic website. Simply select your preferred TLDs, add them to your basket and we will guide you through the rest of the process. Whether you wish to begin with a single TLD or expand your reach with multiple TLDs, 1&1 will ensure you get the most out of your domain name so you get off to a great start. Alongside your new domain name you can select web hosting packages that offer bundled webspace and e-mail accounts giving you a great level of flexibility once your website expands and becomes more popular. With the 1&1 advanced search functions, you can check and compare as many different TLDs as you wish – helping you to balance the ideal name against cost and availability. Here, you will be able to compare which names appeal both aesthetically and functionally for your particular website. A simple domaincheck will also suggest domain names you may have previously overlooked, allowing you to really make the most of your preferred domain. Whichever name you eventually opt for, ensure you take advantage of the 1&1 advanced search functions and domain check and give your new website the exposure it deserves alongside a host of powerful web hosting features.