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  • Can I sell and transfer a domain with domain parking?

    The rights to a domain name can be sold and transferred just like property. If you want to find a buyer for your parked domain, Sedo can include a 'Domain for Sale' page on your site or list your domain on a domain auction site. On the Sedo website you can find out how much your domain could be worth and request a domain rating. The transfer of a domain name is a potentially time-consuming process, so most domain transactions are managed through a third-party trust service. The provider holds the buyer's payment securely while both parties work with their registrar to transfer the parked domain name. Once the transfer is completed, the provider releases the payment to the seller. The trust service provided by Sedo is recommended because they provide a financial intermediary and assist you with the technical transfer of the parked domain name.
  • What should I consider if I want to set up a parking page?

    If you want to use your domain as an advertisement platform, the setup process for domain parking is very simple. Only a few changes need to be implemented, for example in the DNS of a domain. It's very important to check your most important keywords while parking your domain – based on this keyword list the parking provider will automatically allocate matching advertisements. You should also use an attractive template to encourage users to stay on your domain. Of course, after setting up a parking page you should continually optimise it by analysing the stats provided by the provider and adjust your keyword list to generate a better click-through rate. You should think about what keywords you would expect users to type. It's also very important to read the news feed of your provider to keep up to date, e.g. with algorithm changes.