WordPress Plug-ins

Optimizing your website for mobile devices

The internet is becoming increasingly more mobile, which is proving challenging for website operators. There are still many websites which haven't been properly optimised for smartphones and tablets and can only be partly displayed. Since Google’s mobile update, these sites can expect significant visibility losses. Separate mobile websites, adaptive and responsive designs, and mobile plugins for content management systems can help optimise your website for mobile devices. [...]  

WordPress plugin development

Since branching off as a CMS solution for websites and online stores, WordPress has become more than just another online blogging program. A variety of different features can be added to the popular open source software. Whether it’s for creating a connection to social media networks or setting up functions for surveys or statistics, there are many ways to enhance your web presence with extensions. But how do you go about developing WordPress plugins? [...]  

Web analysis with Piwik – also supported by WordPress

As a website owner, it is important to know how to adapt the site to the users’ needs. It is therefore very useful to find out about the visitors’ online behavior. Web analytics software makes that possible. Many people, however, only know about Google Analytics and are not aware of the advantages of other web-tracking programs. One notable alternative is Piwik; the tool is simple to install and it can also be connected to WordPress. [...]  

WordPress plugins for securing your website

If you’ve invested lots of time and effort into your WordPress project, you definitely need an adequate backup solution. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing important data through a database or system failure, which may not be retrievable. Which WordPress plugins are available for helping you back up your project? [...]  

WordPress: domain change and domain transfer

WordPress websites are always subject to change. Some users may be dissatisfied with their provider and want to change web host, while others may be unhappy with their current domain name and want a new web address. With WordPress, it’s easy to transfer domains and change providers, whether you work with your own WordPress installation or use wordpress.com. [...]  

Are there alternatives to Google Analytics?

A long term and comprehensive user analysis, the most important tool for a successful website, can easily be carried out with the help of Google Analytics. But not everyone is satisfied with the market leader for web analysis. Those with data-protection related concerns are often particularly wary of kowtowing to the digital giant’s questionable terms and conditions. But just what alternatives are out there for site administrators? [...]  

WordPress SEO tips

SEO has always been important for online marketing. When it comes to e-commerce, if you don’t rank, you don’t sell. But many bloggers make the mistake of neglecting SEO methods. It’s possible to earn money with a blog, but the main focus should be on the content. The problem is that even the best content won’t be found by anyone if your WordPress site hasn’t been optimised for search engines. [...]  

WordPress Security – The most important security plugins

WordPress is among the most frequently used content management systems for blogs, forums and other online publishing platforms. With one million users its popularity means that it is also a hive for criminal activity with hackers scanning websites for possible weak areas. The only way to prevent hackers from gaining back door access is by taking adequate safety precautions. [...]  

WordPress newsletter plugins compared

E-mail marketing plays a decisive role for companies, while bloggers can also keep their readers up to date with a newsletter. But getting the e-mail newsletter into the inbox of customers and followers can be difficult: for this, you must integrate a registration form into your website. WordPress offers numerous tools for this purpose, including a multitude of WordPress newsletter plugins. Here is our informative comparison of these plugins. [...]  

The top 10 WordPress plugins

WordPress is popular among bloggers, because it enables users to have a fully-fledged blog up and running within a short period of time. The real work begins later: blogs need to be regularly maintained, and this means doing a lot more than just posting new articles. Incorrect extensions, dead links, and comment sections full of spam are just a few issues that turn readers off. But there’s no need to let the specter of all these mounting tasks get you down: the right WordPress plugins are able to work wonders for your blog and save you time and energy spent on its upkeep. [...]