How to make money blogging: part two

Many bloggers aren’t too confident with the ins and outs of cooperating with advertising companies and allowing sponsored posts on their blogs. It’s normal to expect a little something back from all the time and effort you’ve invested in your blog. In part one you read about the basics of making money by blogging, but there are alternatives to advertisements and sponsored content, meaning you don’t have to question your integrity. [...]  

Google alternatives that you should know

While Google is comfortably the number 1 search engine worldwide, numerous companies and charitable organisations offer an alternative. These competitors are undoubtedly outsiders, but they each present interesting approaches and innovative business models – with some focused on privacy and kids’ safety online and others using ad revenue for worthy, charitable causes. With more and more concerns about the power of Google and invasions of privacy by the big search engines, users are turning to lesser-known Google alternatives. Website operators must take these alternatives seriously. [...]  

Alternatives to Google

Do you still use Google? Or do you prefer to search anonymously? In light of the data protection scandals in recent years, more and more users are turning their back on the leading search engine provider and opting for anonymous search engines. These alternatives to Google, which protect the privacy of the user, are growing more important by the day. So, website operators should keep their options open in the world of search engines. [...]  

Amazon SEO: Simple means to higher sales

Those who want to sell online often can’t avoid going to Amazon with their online shop. The sales platform is one of the most important e-commerce magnets in the world, which is why good placement in the Amazon search results is highly competitive. Like classic search engine optimisation, Amazon SEO has developed into an important success strategy for this reason. If you understand the mechanics of the e-commerce search engine and utilise the correct means, you have a good chance of improving your ranking and making it easier for potential customers to discover your products. [...]  

What is conversion rate optimization?

Successful SEO measures help land you a spot in the top ranking positions of the search engine results pages (SERPS) and increase the influx of visitors to your site. But what happens when only a few visitors are actually buying your products or subscribing to your newsletters? Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) analyses websites and order processes and helps identify weak spots throughout the customer journey. [...]  

How can I increase my Alexa rank?

The Amazon daughter company Alexa Inc. collects lots of data relating to how often and from where a website is visited, and then builds a ranking list from this data. But for many website operators, the Alexa rank is a bit of a mystery. How does the internet giant actually calculate the ranking, and what exactly does it signify? This digital guide offers the best tips and measures which can all help to improve your Alexa ranking. [...]  

The most important meta tags and their functions

Meta tags are used by website owners to specify metadata in HTML documents. The coded information integrates with web browsers and search engine crawlers to enhance the searchability of a website. But which meta elements are actually required by user agents to improve processing? And how can you use metadata to boost your website’s ranking in the search results? [...]  

Website relaunch – what to bear in mind

There’s a control phase in every website relaunch. In the first few days after the restructuring, you should monitor the site heavily. This gives website operators the chance to register negative effects, identify sources of error, and promptly start any countermeasures that are needed. [...]  

Competition analysis on the internet

If you only base your web project on your own marketing ideas, you run the risk of prioritising the wrong issues or losing sight of important tasks. To adapt your own campaign in terms of search engine optimisation and advertising, you need to carry out a selective competitor analysis. But which tools provide the best options? [...]  

Optimising multilingual websites for search engines

If you want your website to gain ground on the international stage, it’s crucial to be able to offer your content in a range of languages. But it takes more than just a good translation to keep all the versions of your site at the top of the search engine results pages. Without adequate SEO measures, your multilingual websites can quickly fall short of the mark. [...]