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1&1 Business Line by Dell
Dell PowerEdge – The Ultimate in Server Technology
  • Simple Set-up Easy to set-up and maintain your server
  • Powerful Performance Cutting-edge technology for superb speed
  • Uncompromising Security The very highest levels of server security
More information about Dell PowerEdge R630 Rack Server
  • PowerEdge R630 Rack Server
Business Line by Dell™
High-end hardware with 1 Gbit/s connectivity to meet top performance demands.
Processor Speed RAM Standard hard-disk space RAID


i Details

Intel® Xeon® E5-2630 v3


8 Cores (HT) x 2.4 GHz
(2.6 GHz Turbo Boost)


64 GB

Standard hard-disk space

4,000 GB
(6 x 1,000 GB SATA)


Hardware RAID 6


Optional: 240 GB (2 x 240 GB SSD)
Intel® S3500


Unlimited traffic

Operating System

Linux, Windows, 1&1 Managed

1&1 Firewall

External Cisco-based IP firewall

IP address

Own static IP adress

Management software

Plesk 12.5 (resellable, unlimited domains)


Full root/administrator access


1 Gbit/s


1 included with 1&1 Managed Server

3 months
£149.99/monththen £299.99/month1excl. 20% VAT
Package info


Your Dell PowerEdge Models at 1&1
  • Processor
    Intel®Xeon® E5-2630 V3
  • Speed
    8 Cores (HT) x 2,4 GHz (2,6 GHz Turbo Boost)
  • RAM
    64 GB DDR4 ECC
  • Hard-disk space
    4.000 GB (6 x 1.000 GB)
  • RAID
    Hardware RAID 6
  • Connection
    1 Gbit/s
The Dell PowerEdge R630 – the Latest Addition to the PowerEdge Family
Featuring Intel Xeon E5-2630 V3 Octacore or Intel Xeon E5-2650 V3 Decacore processors, alongside 64 or 128 GB of DDR4 ECC RAM, the Dell PowerEdge R630 is a database server with the very latest technologies. Full root access and a dedicated IP address also bring unparalleled access and make the Dell PowerEdge R630 a professional solution – perfect for even the most taxing of applications and specialist websites.

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FAQ about the topic:

Business Line Dell Server

  • Is my Dell PowerEdge R630 suitable as a database server?

    Perfect for data-intensive applications and commercial enterprises, the Dell PowerEdge R630 packs substantial processing power and memory for extreme power reserves. Unlimited traffic without constrictive throttling means that the Dell PowerEdge R630 is also perfect for both transactional databases and database servers.

    MySQL is fully supported, giving you access to the most popular database language around. This makes a Dell PowerEdge R630 the perfect solution to all of your database server needs – combining powerful hardware with the latest software to provide seamless integration for your users.

    Security of your data is also extremely important when using a Dell dedicated server, and you will be pleased to know that 1&1 has you covered. Cisco-baseds IP firewalls can be raised from the 1&1 Control Panel, and you have full control over exterior and interior filtering.

    Finally, a fully managed Dell PowerEdge R630 may also be used as a database server. In fact, if you wish to spend more time concentrating on your business, or the more creative aspects of your website, then a managed server option from 1&1 is the perfect choice. You'll benefit from the same powerful hardware and software without having to worry about the day- to- day maintenance of your Dell PowerEdge R630 – simple.
  • Can I stream media through a 1&1 Dell PowerEdge R630?

    Reliable, safe and efficient, the Dell PowerEdge R630 employs RAID 6 technology that ensures uninterrupted service with its component redundant technology. In addition to this, with simple system administration through Parallels Plesk and your choice of operating system, you can be sure that you always have comprehensive control over your Dell server.

    This means that you can easily create media streaming services through a Dell PowerEdge R630. Whether movies, music or games, you will benefit from 1 Gbits/s connectivity to ensure you and your users only ever received the fastest speeds, and as a result, the highest quality streaming found anywhere on the web.

    The integrated SpamAssassin will help you keep control of your e-mail servers, and a host of other security features ensures your databases and data are never compromised. This is particularly important if many users store their sensitive data on your Dell dedicated server. Finally, our simple administration tool and Paralells Plesk 12 software will help you with the administration of your Dell PowerEdge R630 and keep e-mail services running regardless of external threats.
  • What else can I do with my Dell PowerEdge R630 from 1&1?

    The beauty of a Dell PowerEdge R630 lies in its flexibility and versatility – making it perfect for a range of applications. Naturally, the raw power and comprehensive storage available mean the Dell PowerEdge is ideal for website hosting. Whether large online shops, web applications or dedicated business hosting, a high performance server from 1&1 will never let you down.

    Mail servers are also a possibility, and the Dell PowerEdge R630 can manage up to 2,000 individual addresses. This gives you the opportunity to provide manageable e-mail for very large applications. An Exchange server can also be set up, giving you unprecedented access and control of many thousands of e-mail addresses.

    Finally, with full support and integration of SharePoint servers and Project Server 2013, you can create easily accessible databases to encourage collaboration and cooperation between colleagues or users from around the world. A SharePoint server with 1&1's Dell PowerEdge R630 gives you the ability to register between 15,000 to 20,000 users – ideal when you have many projects with many different contributors.