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Servers for every demand
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  • Maximum security and virtually 100% fail-safe
  • Easy system administration
  • NEW! The latest generation of Intel processors
    (Intel® Xeon E3-1270 v6 processor)
All top features
1&1 SSL Certificate
1&1 SSL Certificate
With an SSL certificate, exchanging information and data on your website is completely risk-free. For example, when a customer fills in a contact form, their information is encrypted before being sent to the web server, protecting it from unauthorised access. The recognisable 'https://' is also displayed before your Internet address for all visitors, creating even more confidence in your business.
Unlimited Traffic
Unlimited Traffic
Unlimited traffic with no restriction, free of charge. Regardless of the amount of data uploaded or downloaded on your server, your traffic always remains included for free, with bandwidth of up to 1 Gbit/s.
Plesk ONYX
Plesk ONYX
Plesk ONYX is the leading tool for server administrators and web professionals alike. As the admin, you manage and process all of the server's functions and set up user accounts, domains and e-mail addresses without having to change the interface. No need to worry anymore about important updates and services to keep your server secure and up-to-date. Let Plesk do the work for you so you can focus on the things that matter.
Free Expert Support
Free Expert Support
For questions about the setup and operation of your server, our experts are available at no extra cost – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
Root Access
Root Access
Full administrator/root access means full control of your 1&1 Dedicated Server. You can install any programs, with complete control over your services, access and users.
Choice of Linux, Windows or Managed
Choice of Linux, Windows or Managed
Choose from a wide range of Linux and Windows versions including CentOS 7, openSUSE, Debian, Windows 2016 and more. Our Linux experts are also happy to take over the administration of your server operating system if required – with a 1&1 Managed Server you get a preconfigured, dedicated web server with all the applications, tools and features of our web hosting packages included. 1&1 manages backups, software updates and patches, and ensures maintenance is carried out, so you can rest assured that the core of your business and your web projects are properly cared for. Of course, with this service you also have access to the configuration of your applications at any time.
Business Line by Dell™
Business Line by Dell™
The Dell™ PowerEdge™ R630 server is a high-end solution for enterprises with especially demanding requirements. Top levels of performance are ensured with the latest Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 (8 or 10 cores with HT) processors, DDR4 RAM, 1 gigabit connection and unlimited traffic. You can also link your server with your existing Dell™ infrastructure easilyusing the Dell™ OpenManage Essentials tools.
The Latest Generation of
Processors and Storage
The Latest Generation of Processors and Storage
To guarantee the best possible performance and stability, our server experts only use hardware components that have passed a 1&1 performance test under maximum stress. Choose from the latest AMD and Intel® technology – now with Intel® Atom™ processors. Get up to 32 coreswith our newest AMD systems, or alternatively Intel® Xeon® technology with up to 24 virtual cores.
SSD Storage
SSD Storage
With select packages, you have the option to either complement or replace the standard hard disk drive with SSD storage. Data access on SSD is more than 10 times faster than on HDD – ideal for storing content that is accessed frequently.
Maximum security and
Secure your web projects!
Secure data transaction
Secure Data Centres
Symantec SSL certificates are now included with all 1&1 packages, providing maximum protection of your website.
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The 1&1 Data Centres are among the safest and most modern in Europe - verified with ISO-27001:2013 certification from TÜV Nord.
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The latest hardware

To guarantee the best possible performance and stability, our server experts only use hardware components that have passed a 1&1 performance test under maximum stress.

The best performance for your server applications
The latest processor technology from manufacturers Intel® and AMD, and the fastest SSD storage ensure the highest levels of performance for your projects.
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The latest Intel® SSD storage
Get the fastest possible response and access times with the latest generation of SSD storage from Intel®.
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Our many years of experience make all the difference

Since 2001, 1&1 has been offering professional servers at affordable prices with top-quality support.

Expert support from 1&1
If you have any questions about 1&1 Servers, our server experts are available around the clock by phone or e-mail.

Still looking for the right product?

We may have the ideal solution for you!

Cloud Server
Ideal for changing requirements, e.g. seasonal business or temporary increases in traffic, with billing by the minute.
1&1 Cloud Server
Virtual Servers
A virtual server is the perfect first step into the world of servers, e.g. as a web or e-mail server, a community or blog server, or a small online shop server.
1&1 Virtual Servers
Take your business to the next level with your own dedicated resources – choose from a wide range of servers to find your ideal solution.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Contact us now

Hans Nijholt1&1 Server Expert
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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the topic

Dedicated Server

  • What are dedicated servers from 1&1?

    A dedicated server, otherwise known as dedicated hosting, gives customers the opportunity to take comprehensive control of any hosting needs. Offering unparalleled storage, security and dedicated server hosting, 1&1's range of powerful packages are designed to provide everything you need to enjoy continued success.

    Offering a choice of operating systems combined with the latest server technology, cheap dedicated servers also give you the option of choosing either managed servers or full root access servers, depending on how much time you wish to dedicate to operational administration. A full root access dedicated server gives you ultimate flexibility and full access to the information stored within the 1&1 Data Centre, however, should you require a little more guidance, our Linux experts are here to help you administer your managed server and dedicated hosting.

    Administrative tasks are made simple with Plesk, the world's leading software for professional dedicated server administration. Plesk provides a user-friendly web interface for optimised management alongside a host of powerful administration tools. Free support is also on-hand, meaning that, in the unlikely event that a problem arises, you can contact our experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • How are 1&1 Dedicated Servers managed?

    Depending upon your preferences and requirements, 1&1 offers a selection of dedicated server options that can either be managed yourself or by 1&1. These include Linux and Windows-based systems alongside dedicated, 1&1 Managed Servers that provide the same great features but require less maintenance.

    Our premium Linux dedicated server provides full root access under the CentOS 6 64-bit operating system. Alternative operating systems such openSUSE and Ubuntu are also available should you have a particular preference or specific requirements for your dedicated hosting. Our Windows-based cheap dedicated servers also offer full root access under the 64-bit Windows Server® 2012 R2 Standard operating system. Both options offer lightning-fast speeds and excellent storage capacities to ensure your website runs smoothly at all times.

    Finally, for customers who have less experience with dedicated server administration but require the same levels of performance and power, 1&1 offers fully managed dedicated hosting that comes pre-configured and ready to go. All of the management, administration and maintenance is taken care of by our experts and can be configured by you via the 1&1 Control Panel.
  • What kind of security measures does 1&1 implement within a dedicated server?

    Security, of course, is extremely important to the continued functionality and accessibility of your website. Thankfully, the 1&1 Data Centres are among the safest and most efficient in the world, ensuring that your dedicated server for the UK provides uninterrupted access to your website thanks to its geo-redundant structure and superb 300 Gbit/s external connectivity speeds.

    A number of optional extras can be added on to your server, giving you access to powerful hardware solutions combined with professional services. These include a 1&1 professional backup service that allows unlimited, individually configurable backup of your data through either Windows or Linux, as well as additional FTP storage options without artificial bandwidth restriction, and professional SSL certification providing data protection with 256-bit encryption.

    Alongside these features, 1&1 gives you the opportunity to monitor your dedicated server performance remotely and whilst on the move. This is achieved through the 1&1 Mobile Monitoring app or on any accessible web browser. Here, you will be able to monitor the availability of your best dedicated servers and services dating back seven days. Additionally, customers who take advantage of the free app for iPhone and Android will receive automatic notifications of any status changes within their dedicated server.
  • Does 1&1 provide DDoS protection for dedicated servers?

    Here at 1&1, we understand how important it is to keep data secure, and for web owners to feel certain that their work is protected from hackers and viruses. We are well aware of the different types of protection needed for any server, and offer sophisticated security measures against one of the worst threats to servers and networks, a DDoS attack. A DDoS attack could completely shut down an entire website and interfere with the bandwidth. That's why 1&1 protects our dedicated servers from DDoS attacks. A dedicated server with DDOS protection from 1&1 prevents a DDoS attack that could overload and harm the database. By default, 1&1's dedicated servers have anti DDoS protection to keep your network safe from any kind of DDoS attack, no matter how small. If you have any more questions regarding the security of our servers, you can contact the free help center via email or telephone 24/7.
  • How can 1&1 help me make the most of my dedicated server hosting?

    1&1 has a comprehensive range of features, tools and utilities to help you make the most of whichever dedicated server hosting package you decide upon. For instance, should you wish to expand your dedicated server as your website grows, then 1&1 can provide additional IP addresses, domains as fixed Internet addresses and a wealth of backup and security options to ensure your all-important data is always safe.

    Alongside these features, all of our UK dedicated servers come with a powerful suite of marketing tools including the 1&1 Merchandise Shop, 1&1 Webtool and 1&1 SEO Pro – all of which are designed to help your website grow and enjoy continued success. These tools complement our powerful FTP protocol to upload your data alongside the 1&1 SiteAnalytics and 1&1 e-mail marketing tools.

    Finally, 1&1 also provides a range of professional database and programming tools to ensure you can really get to grips with your site. These include PHP 5, Perl and Python script languages alongside MySQL 5 database support and a range of customer applications, so you can be sure that your dedicated hosting is ready for whatever you can throw at it.
  • Does 1&1 offer continued support after I have committed to a dedicated server?

    Whatever your level of experience with dedicated hosting, you can rest assured that 1&1 will offer you all of the support and help you need – whenever you need it. Technical agents are available via 24/7 phone support and our free e-mail support to answer any questions or technical queries you may have regarding dedicated web hosting or any other product. Whether you have questions about your dedicated server hosting or any other service, 1&1 is here to help.

    1&1 has been offering fantastic products and unbeatable service since 2001 – with each year bringing the latest technologies to ensure both our continued growth, and yours. As industry leaders committed to fantastic customer care, at 1&1 we're proud to offer great value for money without compromising our core values or products.

    Our comprehensive support system has been recognised with a host of awards, meaning that 1&1 is a company you can trust to help you get started and enjoy continued success. Should you require further information about our dedicated server packages, or any of our products, do not hesitate to give us a call. Begin your 1&1 journey with dedicated server hosting today, and get your website off to the best possible start.