Nov 11-13 YHack: 1&1 Cloud Servers Challenge Hackers

The 2016 YHack international hackathon at Yale University was a great success. 30% of the participants were first-time hackers. 1&1 supported the contest by providing a hacking use case and the 1&1 Cloud Server platform. Javier Arnáez de Pedro and Alexander Vierschrodt hosted the contest from the 1&1 side, which Javier launched with a presentation on the 1&1 Cloud Server.

Javier discussed the management tools that can be used to work with the servers. In addition to going through the web tools and major features of the Cloud Server, Javier provided an in-depth look at the API, the available API calls, and the custom 1&1 SDKs which can be used to manage 1&1 Cloud Servers from various platforms. You can find the SDKs on the Cloud Community at

Most participants had not used a 1&1 Cloud Server before YHack, and did not have any prior familiarity with cloud computing. The participants were excited about the speed and responsiveness of the 1&1 Cloud Servers which they used for their projects, particularly the autoscaling, load balancing, and ease of resizing a server.

In the end, the contest resulted in a tie between two similar projects. Both projects created a Facebook Messenger bot to allow a user to interact with a 1&1 Cloud Server.

The first winning project was developed by the team of Adeniji Ogunlana, Jin Jin Zhao, Prateek Swain and Charles Lu. Together they created a bot which provides technical support, named ChatterWorks.

The second winning project was developed by Timothy Chen, who created a bot named FMI which allows users to manage their 1&1 Cloud Server.

All five winners received their choice of either a Samsung Galaxy S7 or a Samsung Tablet.