A Rewarding Experience at Joomla Day 2017 Königstein

We had a fantastic time at JoomlaDay Germany 2017 in Königstein. Thank you to all of the Joomla users and developers who came out to network, attend presentations, and learn more about Joomla and the 1&1 Cloud Server platform.

Our presentation and live demo by 1&1's Jörg Lennhof and Viktor Vogel from Plesk was a great success. Attendees had a chance to see the Cloud Panel and the server creation process. Victor Vogel also demonstrated his Joomla-Toolkit running on the 1&1 Cloud Server and Plesk.

We received a lot of positive feedback at the 1&1 booth, where most visitors were Joomla users and managers, with a few Joomla developers. We had many conversations which were enlightening for both sides. It is always wonderful to talk to actual users and find out what people are looking for, and how we can best serve their needs.