NGINX Use Case: Security

Read use cases for deploying NGINX in order to increase security for one or more web or application servers. NGINX is a free, open-source software package which can act as a web server, reverse proxy server, and load balancer. In addition to security improvements, NGINX has been designed for high performance, even under heavy traffic loads. [...]  

NGINX Use Case: Proxy Server

Learn use cases for deploying NGINX as a reverse proxy server. A reverse proxy server takes client requests and routes them to one or more backend servers. In the case of NGINX deployments, the back-end servers will typically be web servers or application servers which generate content. [...]  

NGINX Use Case: High Performance Web Server

Read use cases for deploying NGINX as a high-performance web server. NGINX is open-source software which can be configured to act as a web server, proxy server, load balancer, and more. Learn how NGINX can be set up as a high-performance web server for high-demand websites and web applications. [...]  

Set Up Password Authentication With NGINX

Learn how to set up a basic HTTP authentication system. This will allow you to password protect particular directories on your website, so that they can only be accessed after logging in with a username and password. This form of password protection is a fast and easy way to provide a basic level of security via access authorization to a website. [...]  

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