Install Google's PageSpeed Modules on Apache

Google PageSpeed modules are a free collection of Apache web server modules which are designed to optimize a website's performance. Learn how to install and enable Google PageSpeed modules on a 1&1 Cloud Server with Linux. [...]  

Use Apache's mod_rewrite

The Apache module `mod_rewrite` is a flexible and powerful way to redirect traffic and rewrite URLs for a website. It is also a required module for many other software packages, including WordPress and the Laravel PHP framework. Learn how to install and enable `mod_rewrite` on a 1&1 Cloud Server. [...]  

Use The Webalizer to Analyze Apache Web Logs

The Webalizer is a free, open source application for analyzing Apache log files. It provides highly detailed and configurable web usage reports in an HTML format which you can view in a browser. Learn how to install The Webalizer on a 1&1 Cloud Server, and configure the server to automatically run this application at regular intervals in order to update the statistics. [...]  

3 Ways to Improve Apache Web Server Performance

The Apache web server is the most popular web server due to its power and versatility. However, as traffic to your website scales, Apache performance can become a significant issue for your visitors. Learn three easy ways to improve the performance of your Apache web server. [...]  

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