Use WordPress on a 1&1 Cloud Server With Plesk

For any 1&1 Cloud Server with Plesk, applications like WordPress should always be installed through the Plesk interface. Follow the instructions in this tutorial to learn how to install and run WordPress on a Plesk server. [...]  

Fix WordPress "Memory Exhausted" Error by Increasing PHP Memory Limit

Learn how to fix the WordPress "Allowed memory size of ____ bytes exhausted" error by increasing the PHP memory limit on your 1&1 Cloud Server running Linux. [...]  

Migrate WordPress to a Cloud Server With Zero Downtime

When migrating a website, the less downtime your site experiences during the migration, the better. Learn how to migrate a WordPress site to a 1&1 Cloud Server with zero downtime. **Note:** If your site has a high volume of comments or user-submitted content, you may want to turn off comments and content submission before you start the migration. Your website will not experience any downtime if you follow the steps in this tutorial. However, there will be a transitional time after you change the DNS for the domain when user-submitted content to the old site will be lost. [...]  

Install and Run WordPress on an NGINX Server

Learn how to install and configure WordPress to run on an NGINX web server. WordPress is one of the world’s most popular CMS software packages, which is often used as a blogging platform and for website design. The NGINX web server provides ease of use and high performance, as well as outstanding scalability. [...]  

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