Ceph Use Case: Data Storage

Use cases that can help you learn more about how Ceph can be a solution for data storage needs. Ceph is a distributed unified storage solution which offers easy scalability and stable reliability, coupled with high performance data retrieval. [...]  

Add a Block Device to a Ceph Cluster

Learn how to create and add a block device to a Ceph cluster. Because block storage devices are common in the form of physical media like hard drives and CDs, the block device interface makes it easy to create and interact with a virtual block device using Ceph. Unlike a typical block device, a Ceph block device is resizable, flexible, and stores data across multiple nodes in a Ceph cluster. [...]  

Ceph Overview

Learn about Ceph's distributed data storage and file system. Ceph is a natural choice for many cloud computing platforms. Ceph systems are easily scalable, which allows you to add capacity when needed. This lets you avoid complex migrations or downtime when you need to upgrade your storage. [...]