Use the Rancher UI Driver

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This package contains a small web server that will serve up the custom driver UI at http://localhost:3000/component.js. You can run this while developing and point the Rancher settings there.

  • npm start
  • The driver name can be optionally overridden: npm start -- --name=DRIVERNAME
  • The compiled files are viewable at http://localhost:3000.
  • Note: The development server does not currently automatically restart when files are changed.


For other users to see your driver, you need to build it and host the output on a server accessible from their browsers.

  • npm build
  • Copy the contents of the dist directory onto a web server.
    • If your Rancher is configured to use HA or SSL, the server must also be available via HTTPS.


  • Add a Machine Driver in Rancher (Admin tab -> Settings -> Machine Drivers)
    • Name: Your DRIVERNAME (see above).
    • Download URL: The URL for the driver binary (e.g.
    • Custom UI URL: The URL you uploaded the dist folder to, e.g.
  • Wait for the driver to become "Active"
  • Go to Infrastructure -> Hosts -> Add Host, your driver and custom UI should show up.


Tags: Rancher