1&1 Bare Metal Servers Bring Cloud Flexibility to Dedicated Servers

The 1&1 Bare Metal Server is a new offering based on dedicated hardware technology. The 1&1 Bare Metal Server gives customers the flexibility of a Cloud Server-based billing model with no contract term, and complete peace of mind thanks to the dedicated hardware. Click here to explore the advantages of 1&1 Bare Metal Servers.

Learn how the 1&1 Cloud Server platform can help support and expand your TensorFlow project. There are several use cases for running Distributed TensorFlow on a cluster of 1&1 Cloud Servers. Using a cluster allows you to increase training throughput by harnessing the computing power of multiple servers. Google also recommends using a cluster when dealing with a very large data set, or with very large models. Click here to read the use case.

New Block Storage: Powerful, Flexible Storage Space

The new Block Storage product on the 1&1 Cloud Panel is an easy way to add fast, efficient storage space to a Cloud Server. Block Storage is managed like a hard drive. You can easily resize a Block Storage volume, remove it, or assign it to a different Cloud Server. Click here for more information about adding and using Block Storage.

The third annual CloudFest Hackathon, sponsored by 1&1, was held March 10-12, 2018 at Europa-Park in Rust, Germany. To see a photo gallery from the event, and to download the PowerPoint presentation "CSP Ready IoT Solution for SMB," the final result from the IoT Team, click here.

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Learn how to install Neo4j, a graph database management system, on a 1&1 Cloud Server with CentOS 7. Neo4j is an ACID-compliant, transactional database, and is the most popular graph database on the market today. Unlike a traditional relational database, graph database systems are designed to handle complicated "many to many" relationships with ease, and are an excellent choice for high-performance data sets with complex interconnected relationships between each data point. [...]  

Use the Neo4j Browser on a 1&1 Cloud Server

The Neo4j browser is a convenient web interface for the Neo4j graph database. By default, the browser is only available from Localhost. Learn how to configure Neo4j so that you can connect to the browser using your 1&1 Cloud Server's IP address or domain name. [...]  

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