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Over 100 Cloud Apps
  • Secure and powerful platform
  • Billing based on resource usage by the minute
  • Easy installation with no admin experience required
  • Includes a £50 starting credit!
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Version 2.7.3-3

Hadoop is a Java-based open-source framework that supports distributed processing of large data quantities on clusters. This open-source framework is scalable and features high-availability capabilities. Hadoop uses the map/reduce algorithm from Google to divide applications into small working units that are then processed in parallel in nodes. When doing so, errors are detected and corrected at application level. Hadoop includes the Hadoop Common, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS™), Hadoop YARN and Hadoop MapReduce modules. Hadoop Common provides service programs and libraries that are required by other Hadoop modules. Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS™) is a distributed file system that can be used to save large data quantities. This file system groups the files into data blocks with a fixed length and divides them into clusters. A feature of HDFS™ is its high data throughput. Hadoop YARN (Yet Another Resource Negotiator) is a framework that allows you to manage cluster resources and job schedules. Hadoop MapReduce is an implementation of the MapReduce algorithm developed by Google. This MapReduce framework executes user-defined map/reduce jobs in a cluster.
  • Open-source framework for distributed processing of large data quantities on clusters.
  • Hadoop is scalable and features high-availability capabilities
  • Errors are detected and corrected at application level.

These applications run on Linux CentOS 7.

Minimum requirements: 1&1 Cloud Server XXL

As part of your contract, you can choose as many free apps as you like from the Cloud Panel.

We recommend:

  • CPU: 4 vCore
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • SSD: 160 GB
£49.99/month1excl. 20% VAT
Maximum security and
Secure your web projects!
Secure data transaction
Secure hacker protection
Secure Data Centres
Symantec SSL certificates are now included with all 1&1 packages, providing maximum protection of your website.
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Included with all 1&1 products: DDoS protection secures your website against hacking and cyber crime.
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The 1&1 Data Centres are among the safest and most modern in Europe - verified with ISO-27001:2013 certification from TÜV Nord.
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Our newly-developed Cloud Server combines all the benefits of a physical server with the advanced capabilities of the cloud! Experience it for yourself – try the 1&1 Cloud Server for one month, free and with no obligation!

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